Super Kway Chap (粿汁)

Speaking about Kway Chap, there are numerous stalls out there and every stall owners are successful in their own ways. How to really classify them as solid and champion? Guess each one of us has our own classification. Well, to be on a safe side, most people will go for the one stall with the longest queue. Some will say Blanco Court Kway Chap while others will say the one at Bishan KPT. There is no right and wrong and it all depends on your individual taste buds.

Personally for me, I do find a stall that is cheap and good in Lor 8 Toa Payoh market, Teck Heng Leong Kway Chap which interestingly stop selling when they run out of the Kway and not the ingredients.

If you need to go and try it out, be prepared to brave the queue early in the morning as the stall will close before 9am or earlier when the Kway runs out.

Needless to say, the other one @ KPT, Blk 284 Bishan St 22 is my all time favourite stall. The ingredients and chilli sauce are really super power.

This stall opens late, after 8.15 pm and closes at 3.30 am in the wee morning.

Late night party-goers, this is your place to be if you need a good supper.

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