Where to find good Porridges?

Porridge or commonly associated to as congee is a comfort food known to the locals, especially when you are feeling sick, is a simplistic joy to bring up your day regardless of occasion.

The canton-styled congee, one with the soft and creamy grains that will send warmth to your stomach and usually mixed with minced pork and century eggs. There are also variations to the porridge depends on what the stall owners have to offer.

I listed some of the stalls which I personally liked and hope to share with like-minded friends.

The first stall is Hong Kee Porridge (鸿记粥) located at Commonwealth Crescent Market on the 2nd floor. I have grown up with this stall since young. The stall is operated by an old cantonese couple and it is often usual to hear them quarreling over trivial matters like placing of food order by customers.

This is my all time cheap and favourite porridge stall that serves generous ingredients of pork slice, mined pork balls and pork liver at $3 a bowl.

Sin Heng Kee Porridge at Hougang Street 61 is another of my favourite porridge stall too. I love their pork porridge with additional ingredient of pork liver added. They do offer a wide selection porridge choice to suit each individual needs. If you are undecided, then go for their signature porridge which has all the sample ingredients in it. By the way, this stall also offers claypot frog leg porridge in their menu too. 

Speaking on claypot frog leg porridge, my personal favourite will be none other than Chang Cheng Zhou (长城粥) along New Bridge Road. Best of all, they opens till 4am to cater for night owls after partying. I like their 宫保田鸡粥 the best. Each time I will bound to order at least 3 frog legs to satisfy my cravings.
They do offer wide selection of porridges in their menu too. Wait no more, go and check it out now!

Chai Chee Porridge at Blk 85 Bedok Food Market is one other place that certainly warrants some attention too. 

Bon appetit!

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