Soya Sauce Chicken (酱油鸡)

There are many ways of cooking a chicken, you can roast, poach, braise, steam, deep-fried and so on. However, there is this particular stall, Chew Kee Eating House @ 8 Upper Cross Street, specialises in soya sauce chicken dishes.

Soya sauce chicken is a classic cantonese meat dish. Chicken is braised with watery soya sauce and texture of the meat is juicy and flavourful. It is commonly sold as soya sauce chicken rice or soya sauce wanton noodle in the stalls.

Amongst all the soya sauce chicken stalls I have tried, I must give due recognition to Chew Kee’s soya sauce chicken. The chicken meat is super tender, succulent, intensely marinated & the black sauce gravy is so tasty that you can even drink it on its own. The popular dumpling soup which you will find on almost every table, has a very unique homebrewed taste, minimal MSG enhancement and comes with 6 plump pork dumplings that possessed a lovely nutty crunch.

Must try : soya sauce chicken noodle and dumpling soup.

Prices are affordable and reasonable. So, if you have no specific meal plan in mind, why not give it a try!

Another outlet for soya sauce chicken will be none other than Liao Fan Hawker Chan @ 78 Smith Street where you get to enjoy Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles.

Other than soya sauce chicken, you will also be able to have “char-siew” and roast pork.

Ever since the stall became to known as the “World’s cheapest Michelin-starred eatery”, snaking queues have been seen daily crowded with tourists and locals.

Naturally, I had to try this so called Michen-starred eatery. I must admit that the noodles texture are springy coupled with the tender chicken meat makes it a perfect match.

You can also have additional add-ons like a plate of bean sprout or a bowl of wontan soup to go along with your meal

The only downside is the long waiting queue and the entire dining ambience compromises the experience.

Well, if you are ok to squeeze and be rushed with your meal, then you may consider giving it a try. 😉

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