Ninja Chirashi (ちらし丼) @ Blk 824 Tampines St 81

For those of you who loves to seek comfort in warm rice bowl, you may be pleased to know that there is a new kid in town, Ninja Chirashi selling affordable and quality Chirashi Dons to satisfy all your donburi cravings.

Coincidentally, this F&B outlet replaces the exact same spot as in the earlier The Flourist Café. Importantly, this joint offers simple, good and delicious Japanese donburi at wallet friendly prices.

Ninja Chirashi Don

Thick salmon and tuna chunks combined with Japanese cucumber, tamago and topped with ebiko mixed in with their secret recipe Japanese sauce. Seafood items are freshly served atop their vinegared rice.

Aburi Salmon Don

Fresh salmon slices covered in their special homemade Mentaiko sauce and ebiko, tenderly blowtorched to perfection. (My personal favourite item.)

Other than mains, they do offer a limited selections of sides as well.

Pitan Tofu

Chilled Japanese Century Egg with Cold Tofu. It may seem weird to some given the unique combination coupled with this dish being served cold on top of that. Trust me, this is heavenly!


Japanese steamed egg custard, a savoury dish and a great starter to your meal.

Tamago Mentai

Fish roe omelette mentaiko gives you a sweet and savoury sensation with each mouthful.

With the thoroughly attractive pricing, it is really a no-brainer to give it a try especially if you are a hugh fan of Japanese rice bowls. 😉

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