Sushi Raku 鮨樂 @ Raffles City

I chanced upon this new kid on the block, Sushi Raku 鮨樂 during one of my window shopping trip at Raffles City.

Being not able to travel to Japan due to Covid 19 coupled with sushi craving, I decided to give it a try.

Interestingly, Sushi Raku offers good quality food at affordable pricing with a brightly litted Izakaya dining experience. You get to enjoy sushi, sashimi, charcoal-grilled eats, appetisers & sake.

Grilled Dried Puffer Fish

I just love their fugu. This is my all time favourite starter. The texture is chewily delicious and goes extremely well with the tobiko mayonnaise dip. It’s akin to eating bee cheng hiang bbq pork.

Grilled Dried Fish Fin

Another more economical option will be their dried fish fin which is equally good and can do the job as well. 😉

Raku Seafood Steam Egg

Their chawanmushi is equally power and comes with asari clam, shrimp, mushroom and crab stick.

Homemade Tofu with Sesame Sauce

I have had pitan tofu and this variation of tofu flooding with roasted sesame sauce is another good surprise in my opinion. 👍

Deep Fried Chicken

Their tori karaage batter is soft and not the crispy type which we are used to having. Surprisingly, the chicken meat is super tender and juicy. Deliciously power!

Shrimp Tempura Handroll

Their handroll is one of the better handroll that I have had, crispy seaweed with crunchy prawn tempura that leaves each mouthful with a punch.

California Handroll

Handroll with egg, lettuce, avocado and crab stick with mayonnaise and tobiko coupled with crispy seaweed. Yum yum.

Roasted Egg with 3 Kinds Sauce

This is an interesting tamago-yaki that comes with 3 kinds sauce comprising of spicy mayo, truffle & olive oil and mentaiko. Really tasty and not overly sweet.

Miso Soup with Clams

Rich and flavoursome miso soup with a generous serving of big clams.

Crab Stick & Cucumber with Mango Salad

Light and refreshing. Definitely a great appetizer prior to the start of meal.

Mako Garei Sashimi (350g)

One of their seasonal special, shipped weekly and direct from Aomori. This fish is as fresh as it can get. The fish meat is firmed and has a nice chew texture. You can even request to have half of the fish done in sushi style and the other half in sashimi style. 美味しいです.

Houbou Seasonal Sashimi

Another seasonal special, Houbou Sashimi. Houbou (sometimes spelled as Hobo) is a rare kind of fish that can be pricey due to its scarcity. Like most white flesh fish, hobo has a smooth, mild taste and firm flesh when it is served fresh.

In one of my trip, I managed to enjoy a whole Hobo fish on its own.

Hobo Fish Head Soup

Enjoying the entire Hobo fish head cooked in a nice soup pot. The sweetness of the fish head coupled with the soup essence is just beyond words.

Hobo Sashimi

Enjoying half of the portion for its freshness as sashimi….

Hobo Sushi

……and the other half portion as sushi. Heavenly combination indeed. One fish in 3 different ways of enjoyment.

Okoze Stonefish Sashimi

Another freshly imported seasonal item, whole Okoze Stonefish (220g) enjoyed in 2 different style, sashimi and sushi.

Okoze Stonefish Sushi

The fish meat is firm and chewy. Super fresh. 👍

Ainame Sashimi

Ainame or Fat Greening is another type of seasonal fish and shipped direct from Akita. Super fresh and tasty.

Thin Cut Tai Sashimi

Loved the freshness of the fish coupled with the firm flesh texture.

Japan Fresh Fish Sushi Platter
Japan Fresh Fish Sashimi Platter

Weekly fresh fish shipped direct from Japan.

Maguro Sushi Set (4 pcs)

For tuna lovers, this is a must order sushi item. You get to enjoy blue fin tuna otoro, blue fun tuna chutoro, blue fin tuna and spring onion fatty tuna warship. Their sushi rice is different from what you are used to having. In Sushi Raku, they uses red vinegar rice that explains the reddish-orange colour sushi rice which is less commonly seen. The rice somehow tastes exceptionally good.

Sea Urchin Tai Sushi

Another seasonal special, the uni is as fresh as it can get.

Sushi Lunch Set with Tempura

If you happen to drop by during lunch, you may get to try one of their value for money lunch set too.

Tiger Prawn Roll

You may even go for their tiger prawn roll from one of their creative roll selection if you enjoy prawn tempura.

Mori Bento

Alternatively, you may go for their creative Mori Bento that comes with squid & salmon roe, deep fried tosa tofu, edaname, seasonal seaweed, fatty salmon, seasonal octopus, grilled mackerel, egg and fried chicken. Definitely a feast for the eyes. 😯

Kawa Bento

A more elaborate, Kawa Bento is another option to go for. Comprising scallop, seasonal jelly fish, salmon, edaname, sweet shrimp, yellow tail, blue fin tuna, egg and deep fried tosa tofu. Another great eye candle feast too. 😯

Aburi Seafood Don

If you are a rice bowl fan, you are highly recommended to try their aburi seafood don. Confirmed champion and won’t go wrong.

Tempura Don

This is also a great option for rice bowl. The tempura bits is crunchily good and goes well with the rice coupled with the light battered items.

Pork Chop with Scrambled Egg Rice

Another value for money dish. Cooked to perfection with the flavoured onion, egg, slices of shitake mushroom and the main star item (pork chop).

Deluxe Mini Rice

Comprises of Sea Urchin, Snow Crab, Salmon Roe and Salmon. This is really quality ingredients and just nice for small eaters. Great for ladies’ meal.

Grilled Eel & Foie Gras Mini Rice

OMG! A highly recommended must have dish. Loved the well-cooked eel and foie gras. Deliciously good…….😋😍

Charcoal Grilled Pork Jowl

Their pork jowl is tenderliciously good. It is like having a piece of nicely charcoal grilled char siew. Really power and great beer food for sure!

Charcoal Grilled Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin

The beef cubes are grilled to perfection with the crispy garlic chips that gives it a good hit.

Cold Zaru Soba

A great last line of defence, their soba noodles are springyly good with a nice chewy feel too. 😉

Cold Inaniwa Udon

Alternatively you may go for their udon if you are a big fan of udon. Noodle texture is springy and chewy too. Shape like Ipoh hor fun. 🙂

Sushi Raku offers a couple of good and decent desserts as well.

Peach Sherbet

Oh mine, this is insanely refreshingly good. The sherbet is served on a frozen peach skin and tastes peachily appetising. Only comment that I have is on the small portion but it is really good.

Yuzu Sherbet

You may also consider their yuzu sherbet, citrussy good too. Likewise, it is served on a frozen yuzu skin. My personal favourite. 🤩

Deep Fried Rice Cake with Cheese

This is another nice dessert if you are a fan of mochi and cheese. Nothing fanciful just that it is mochi wrapped with cheese and deep fried to it. 😉

Without a doubt, the food quality is of standard and importantly, it offers great variety menu options to suit all diners. I am definitely looking forward to try all their items in time to come. 😋

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