Itchy Bun (一番) @ 44A Prinsep Street

Another new kid on the block. This time round brought about by The Muttons. I just loved their catchy name. So Muttony….

Itchy Bun, a value for money fusion Izakaya joint that whips out delicious yet affordable Japanese food.

Loved their simplistic interior decoration which one can resonate in a typical Izakaya setting.

Their menu is focused and thus do not expect fanciful items being served in this eatery joint.

Tori Karaage with Spicy Ponzu Mayo

According to The Muttons, a lot of R & D effort has been put in to come up with this perfect tori karaage. I must agree that their karaage is of standard and I love especially their tender, juicy chicken meat. This is definitely one of the must order item for sure. 👍

Kaeru Noashi Karaage

This fried frog legs is a new item on their menu. The frog legs are big, meaty and tenderlicious too. An interesting dish which is almost rarely seen.

Furikake Cheese Fries

A light small bite to start your appetite. Cheese lover will like this and I never knew it would taste so good with the furikake sprinkled over it.

For those who needs carb, you can try their various don options.

Teriyaki Chicken Don

The teriyaki chicken is grilled to perfection and goes extremely well with the nori and onsen egg.

Kakuni Don

For those who are more gung-ho and hard-core, you must go for their sinfully good braised pork belly rice bowl. Mama Mia…..

Spicy Karaage Bun

Instead of the usual kung-ba bao, here you get to enjoy their specially curated spicy karaage bun with the tangy salad wrap. Refreshingly delicious. Now we know why this place is called Itchy Bun. 😉

This is one place you can certainly come by for a refreshing change. 😋😋😋

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