Big Fish Small Fish @ Punggol East Container Park

Speaking of fish & chips, I am sure most of us have at least tried before. Likewise, I too have my fair share of fish & chips from hawker centres to fast food outlets to cafés to restaurants.

What really stood out in a “solid” fish & chips (in my opinion) is none other than their fried batter.

I read about this particular eatery, Big Fish Small Fish specialising in fish & chips with power batter and hence tempted to check it out.

They have a few chain outlets islandwide and what really attracted me was this chain outlet at Punggol East Container Park.

While Bangkok has Artbox, Seoul has Common Ground. Singapore has Punggol East Container Park 😉. Hence, I decided to pay a visit.

This is an open park space where you can find a mixture of eateries operated out from a row of containers with cuisines ranging from Thai to Korean to Western to Indian.

Punggol East Container Park is definitely a rare find. A cozy place where you can dine under the star in the heart of nature with the natural nice and beautiful ambience in the evening.

Fried Calamari

A great appetizer to start with.

Seafood Sampler

You get to sample all 3 seafood items (Fish Bites, Shrimp and Calamari) in a pack. Good for sharing or you can have it as a meal if you like. It comes with an array of dipping sauces for your sensuous pleasure; tartar, nacho cheese, curry and salted egg yolk.

Fisherman Sampler

Bucket Deal comprising of Battered Dory, Battered Hoki, Battered Seabass, Battered Halibut and Fresh Potato Crisps. Really value for money!

Classic Dory & Chips

Dory is a farmed fish with a neutral and moist flavor. Texture is soft and delicate. Served with Premium Skin-on Fries with BBQ Beans and Garlic Toasts. The Dory batter is really champion, savoury and crunchily crispy. Their Garlic Toasts is tastefully done too with a nice buttery aroma.

Classic Halibut & Chips

Halibut is a wild catch with mildly sweet flavor. The texture is moist and dense. Served with Premium Skin-on Fries with Mint Mushy Pea and Garlic Toasts.

Signature Seabass

Seabass is a farmed fish that is sweet and buttery. Texture is firm, meaty with large and moist flakes. The Fresh Potato Crisps is really power and I like it the most.

Signature Haddock

Haddock is a wild catch with mildly sweet flavor. The texture is lean with medium flakes, firm yet tender. You may also also enjoy it with their array of dipping sauces as well.

Other than fish, they do offer chicken on their menu too.

Fried Chicken

Crispy fried boneless chicken thigh with mashed potato and buttered corn. Their fried chicken is super tender and fried to perfection. 👍👍👍

Spicy Fried Chicken with add-on Mozarella Stick

For those who loves spice, you may consider going for their spicy fried chicken. Trust me, the spice will certainly gives you the extra added kick. 😉 Oh, cheesy lovers will fall in love with the mozarella stick. Goes extremely well if dipped in their nacho sauce.

You may also choose to complete your meal with their soup of the day or coleslaw with drink.

Clam Chowder

You may check with the staff on what is their soup of the day prior to ordering.


I am not really a fan of coleslaw but their coleslaw really blows me off. It’s really good.

The portion served is generous in size, value for money (confirmed, guaranteed and chopped) coupled with the food quality and tastiness. No wonder it is crowned as The Best Fish & Crisps. This is no doubt one of the best fish & chips that I have come across. 👍👍👍😋😋😋

Big Dory Catch Student Meal

Good news if you are a student, you may get to enjoy value for money student meal with either a small or big catch meal. Well, key difference is on the size of the catch. 😋

Not to mention, tbey are extremely generous on the size of drink provided. Only one standard size offered. For sure I will be back again should I need to get my next fix on fish & crisps!

Husk Nasi Lemak @ Bugis Cube

Nasi Lemak lovers may be pleased to know that there is another place offering mid range pricing nasi lemak compared to the atas The Coconut Club should their cravings arises.

Husk Nasi Lemak tucked away in an inconspicuous corner on 3rd floor in Bugis Cube is one such gem offering power nasi lemak with a modern twist.

Coconut Rice

This is definitely the star and soul of the dish. I must admit that this is one of the better coconut rice for a nasi lemak. It has all of the factors needed and the crispy tempura bits surely added on more brownie points to it. 👍

Signature Chicken Cutlet

The set comes with their signature crispy chicken cutlet, crispy ikan bilis, peanuts, achar, onsen egg, fragrant coconut rice topped with crispy tempura bits and their power homemade sambal chilli with additional add-on otah and bergedil (potato cutlet). This is OMG-ing delicious.

Fried Tilapia Fish with Assam Pedas Sauce

The set comes with the fried tilapia fish with assam pedas sauce (of cos as the dish suggested), crispy ikan bilis, peanuts, achar, onsen egg, fragrant coconut rice topped with crispy tempura bits and their power homemade sambal chilli with additional add-on bergedil.

Slow Cooked Mutton Rendang

Oh mine, the mutton rendang has all the curry taste that it should have. Lemak enough with fragrance but not overly jelat and importantly melts in your mouth type.

You may also consider to customize your own ala-carte dishes if you do not want to take up the offered set.

Customised set with bergedil and sous vide beef rendang
Customised set with fried tilapia fish with assam pedas sauce and otak otak

This joint is nothing fanciful but quality guaranteed. So, if you happen to be around Bugis area and should your cravings for nasi lemak arises, this is one place you can go for your quick fix. 😉

Maddie’s Kitchen @ Far East Plaza

Having trouble finding a decent dining place when you are in Orchard Road? Typically, food prices are on a higher end in town area. When I was introduced to this new eatery, Maddie’s Kitchen by a friend of mine recently, I decided to give it a try.

Maddie’s Kitchen, located on the 2nd floor of Far East Plaza is an eatery outlet serving affordable zi char dishes.

The food served is savoury and gives one a feel of home-cooked meal dishes. Indeed, a rare hidden gem in Orchard Road. Simple, tasty, no frills and fuss free.

You can easily choose one of your favourite dish (to your liking) from the list of extensive menu items offered.

Ngoh Hiang

Their home-made ngoh hiang is crunchily good with generous chunks of water chestnut in the meat filling. A good side to start off your meal.

Fried Wontan

Great appetizer with the mayonnaise dip. To me, fried stuff of such usually can’t go too wrong. 😃

Prawn Paste Fried Mid Wings

Their Har Cheong Gai is crispily done too and tastes especially good when served piping hot. Dipping it with sambal belachan is another heavenly concoction.

Oyster Omelette

This is their House Specialty, a highly recommended (must order) dish here. The oysters served are fresh, big and juicy coupled with the crispy omelette. Goes extremely well with their tangy chilli sauce.

Pork Chop

Hainanese curry set with braised cabbage and egg. This is another one of the heavenly dish. Really power and comparable to E.A.T, Encik Tan or Scissors Cut Curry Rice. The pork chop is crispily done and flavourfully delicious.

They do offer a variety of soup options as well.

Signature Seafood Soup

Ordered their recommended signature seafood soup. Soup base is rich and tasty with generous seafood servings of king-sized prawns, abalone slices, fish maw, batang fish & lala. A steaming bowl of white rice would be a suitable companion for the soup.

Seafood Hor Fun

For wok fried dishes, their seafood hor fun is one item that you cannot miss. You can really taste the distinct wok hei of the hor fun coupled with the huge seafood portions comprising of fish maw, lala, batang fish and king-sized succulent prawns.

Beef Tenderloin Hor Fun

OMG, another power dish with super tender beef, strong wok hei of the hor fun with the black bean sauce and bittergourd. Yum yum….

White Bee Hoon with Prawn & Lala

Generous servings of lala with 2 king-sized prawns. Another tasty dish, loved the rich gravy cooked with lala and egg. Goes extremely well with their sambal belachan and crispy pork lard.

Sambal Lala

The white clams are of reasonable size and blends extremely well with their sambal and curry flavoured sauce. Goes really well with a plate of steaming white rice.

I will be looking forward to try out more of their menu items with the above good dining experience. I would urge you to uncover this hidden dining gem should you have trouble deciding on what to eat the next time you are in town area. 😉

Sukiya (すき家) @ Suntec City

Sukiya, one of my all time favourite breakfast hangout whenever I am in Japan. For those of you who follow and read on my Japan travel blog will know why. 😉

Sukiya is Japan’s leading Gyudon chain as in the likes of Yoshinoya and you can always find one such chain near you. Sukiya offers quality authentic Japanese food at affordable prices to diners who need to grab a quick comfort food.

So what exactly is Gyudon?

Gyudon is none other than a Japanese dish made with perfectly sliced beef simmered in a sweet and savoury shoyu-based sauce made with their secret recipe. It is served on top of delicious, fluffy and warm Japanese rice.

Believe me, I am extremely excited when Sukiya decided to make a debut to open an outlet here in Suntec City.

There is nothing fanciful about dining here as this is just another kind of fast food outlet equivalent where one pops over for a quick meal often enjoyed for lunch.


Signature dish of Sukiya. Tenderly cooked thin sliced beef simmered in their secret recipe sauce, served with hot and Japanese fluffy rice. Truly authentic as I can feel as though I am having it in Japan.

Unagi Bowl

Grilled fresh eel with sweet sauce served with rice.

Beef Yakiniku Plate

Thick cut beef marinated with sweet and savoury yakiniku sauce and grilled to perfection. Great for carb-free diner. 😉

Chicken Karaage

Bite-sized Japanese style fried chicken. A dish loved by locals of all ages. A must have side to go though the crispiness of the chicken is missing from it.

Half Boiled Egg

Another favourite side of mine, just somehow loved their runny egg and goes well with Gyudon.

I must agree that the entire dining experience was perfect as it gives me the Japan feel (as though I was brought back to Japan at that very moment) when dining here. The familar flavours of the food and cutlery just blended well to the atmosphere. This will certainly be a place that I can go to for my fixed whenever the cravings arises. Yay!

Violet Oon @ Ion Orchard

Violet Oon, another option for Singaporean Peranakan cuisine other than Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant and Tingkat PeraMakan.

However, Violet Oon is definitely a much higher end option compared to the other 2. I must admit that the food quality is of standard, tasty and pretty authentic.

At Violet Oon, they feature a myraid of flavours inspired by Nonya, Chinese, Indian and Malay kitchens as can be seen from their menu offering.

Here in Ion Orchard, you get to enjoy a great array of dishes ranging from soup, starters, salads, mains, noodles & rice and desserts.

Mulligatawny Soup

A cornerstone of British Indian Cuisine. A mild, creamy curry broth with chicken and rice infused with a myriad of spices and topped with deep fried shallot, spring onion & coriander leaves. This is very unusual. It’s worth a try, definitely. You need to experience it as it’s quite hard to verbalise it. 🤨

Ngoh Hiang

Deep fried beancurd spring roll with prawn, crab, chicken and water chestnut seasoned with five spiced powder. The ngoh hiang roll is certainly huge in size compared to the usual plating in restaurant. It can even passed off as a main instead of a starter. 🤣

Kuay Pie Tee

Julienned bamboo shoot and turnip poached in a prawn bisque and served in a deep fried “top hat” cup. Topped with prawn, chilli sauce and a sweet fruit sauce. Another one of their recommended starter dish.

Chicken Satay

Chicken chunks marinated in spices, grilled and served with a spicy peanut sauce topped with grated pineapple, steamed rice cake, cucumber and red onion. I loved their satay with the tender chicken meat. Well marinated.

Turmeric Chicken Wings

Deep fried turmeric and lemongrass chicken wings served with a spicy chinchalok sambal. This is at best so-so nothing great to shout about other than huge sized wings. 😐

Hainanese Pork Chop

A staple of the British Hainanese Kitchen. Deep fried kurobuta pork loin crusted with a cream cracker batter, topped with a house-made tomato reduction. Served with steak cut fries and a side of petit pois tossed with minced kale.

Dry Laksa

Fresh rice noodle tossed in Violet’s laksa gravy, topped with prawns, tau pok and bean sprouts. Tastily good.

Tauhu Goreng

Fried beancurd on a bed of julienned cucumber and beansprouts topped with Violet’s Signature sweet and tangy peanut sauce. The sauce is surprisingly tasty and has the tinge of fermented shrimp paste just like rojak sauce. 👍

Beef Rendang

Tender beef shin braised in a creamy coconut sauce flavoured with a melange of spices, kaffir and bay leaves. This is my favourite dish. The beef is so tender that it simply melts in your mouth.

Buah Keluak Ayam

Classic spicy and tangy chicken stew and buah keluak nut infused with fresh root spices of lengkuas and turmeric. Another power dish with generous nut servings.

Udang Chilli Padi Lemak

Prawns cooked in a spicy creamy coconut gravy infused with lemongrass and kefir lime leaf. This dish is superbly good, especially with the lemak over the rice.

Chap Chye

Classic nonya festive dish of braised mixed vegetables and beancurd skin in a rich prawn bisque. I enjoy the hugely sliced shitake mushroom and the gravy is definitely heavenly.

Sayur Lodeh

Mixed vegetables and tempeh in a fragrant and mildly spicy coconut gravy. For those who like it on a spicy end compared to chap chye. Lemakly delicious.

They do offer a good selection of desserts here, and I am sure will leave you spoilt for choice (at least for me 🤣).

Baileys Chocolate Kopi Pie

Creamy chocolate filling infused with Baileys Irish cream liquor and kopi, topped with crushed cookie crumble. This is chocolatety good. I love the chocolate pie crust.

Gula Melaka Tea Cake with Coconut Ice Cream

Gula melaka tea cake served with coconut ice cream, topped with toasted coconut flakes and gula melaka sauce. The tea cake is served warm, and it is by far the best tea cake that I have had for sure.

Dining in here is without a doubt with style and the service level is certainly tip top. Staff are well trained and service focussed. Needless to say, the price you are paying compared to others is equally tip top. 😲

Well (to me), this is differentiated service experience dining which probably one should try at least once. Tantamount to enjoying the dining service in a business class versus that of economy class (if that helps). 😃😃

Warm Up Cafe @ 110 Mackenzie Road

Fans who loves authentic Thai cuisine will be pleased to know that Warm Up Cafe is one such place you can go to for your fix on Thai cuisine without missing Bangkok.

Warm Up Cafe specialises in authentic Thai street cuisine, mookata and Thai boat noodle. A new found GEM for me at least!

Outdoor Kitchen

They have both indoor and outdoor seating and I would highly recommend that you try their outdoor seating instead. It really gives you a feel as though you are in Bangkok.

Below are the usual suspects of the Thai street cuisine that typically offered in a Thai restaurant. 😊

Grilled Sweet Pork (Moobing)

This is one of those must eat street item whenever I am in Bangkok. Always good to feel a sense of familiarity savouring this dish. 😋 😋

Thai Fish Cake

Tastily deliciously without surprises. Another not to be missed appetiser.

Pandan Chicken

Definitely one of the better pandan chicken that I have had. Moist, tender and juicy meat.

Thai Boat Noodle (Beef)

One of the signature highlight, Thai Boat Noodle where you can enjoy with the different spice level and you may choose between pork or beef alongside with the various noodle option comprising of bee hoon, kway teow, rice noodle, mee kia, tang hoon or maggie.

Thai Boat Noodle (Small)

For first-timer, you can try going for their rice noodle if you are at a loss on the choice of noodle. Very flavourful broth as expected. You can order a small bowl as taster too if you have difficulty deciding. 😉

Thai Tomyum Soup

Though nice but I feel it’s on a saltier side. Not so value for money given its price-point. You may skip this dish if you like in my opinion. 😐

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Lemakly delicious. Another satisfactory dish and goes extremely well with a plate of Thai white jasmine rice. Deadly concoction for sure.

Thai Red Curry Chicken

You can opt for the red curry version if that is your favourite colour to go with. ☺️

Thai Basil Seafood Mix

Basil-ly good too with mussels, squids and prawns.

Kangkong with Oyster Sauce

This is power too, the gravy goes extremely well with the steaming white rice.

They offer a good selection of Thai Rice and Thai Noodle Sets that leaves you spoilt for choice as well. 🤩

Creamy Crab Omelette Rice

Holy Moly, this is 👍 💩 stuff! Savoury good with each mouthful bite coupled with the specially concocted green chili sauce. Simply loss for words.

Creamy Crab Omelette

You can order as a ala-carte item to go with your plain rice too.

Crab Meat Fried Rice

Looks are deceiving. Holy mama! Another great stuff not to be missed! 😋😋😋

Thai Basil Pork Rice With Egg

This is another great surprise. Somehow it just tasted super delicious and really felt that I was brought back to Bangkok for a moment.

Fried Spicy Mama

Oh mine! Their Thai fried spicy mama noodle is equally power too.

Thai Hor Fun (Pork)

Very flavourfully done with a nice wok hei. Similar but not same as the usual zi char style that we are used to. Authentically Thai-ish.

Red Ruby

Always nice to finish with a good dessert. The red ruby with sliced jackfruit do what it supposed to without surprises. ☺️ Having said that, I feel it would be superb and perfect if shaved ice is served instead of ice cubes.

Thai Coconut Milk Custard

Really good dessert and tastes like eating kaya dessert.

Lemongrass Drink

It’s refreshingly good and served sweetened.

Signature Thai Milk Tea

This is definitely one value for money place that I will drop by anytime whenever I needed a good fix on Thai food in future. Aroy Mak!! 👍👍👍

Chatterbox @ Hillton Singapore Orchard

Chatterbox, a well-known name in my era. Newer generation folks may not resonate easily with this name.

Chatterbox used to be housed in the old Mandarin Orchard Hotel and they are famous for their “atas” chicken rice, a comfort hawker dish but catered to people in the insanely Crazy Rich Asians diners back in those days.

They have just opened their doors to diners again since Mar 2022 at the new Hillton Singapore Orchard. I am sure chicken rice fans will flock to check out Chatterbox in time to come and experience the taste of the all-famous chicken rice dish.

Likewise, I am no exception either 🤣 as a natural self-acclaim foodie.

Chatterbox whips up local Asian dishes where you can easily find in any hawker centre around you. Nothing fanciful but merely a nostalgic walk down memory lane for people who are familiar and can associate with. 😊

You will immediately be greeted with the fragrant chicken rice smell while making your way to the seating area.

Other than ala-carte items, they now offer Heritage Set Meal too.


Trio of the Day comprises of beautifully crafted Ngoh Hiang, Kueh Pie Tee and a big succulent prawn.

Main Course

The star of the item, (there is no price in guessing) the all awaited chicken rice. The chicken meat is well boiled and so tenderly soft with the fragrance of the rice without a doubt and coupled with their trio sauces; home-made chili sauce, ginger puree and the cannot missed out black sauce that is required to drizzle over the rice.

In the past, they used to provide free-flow rice refill but now additional bowl of rice will be charged. Having said that, you may still request for soup refill without additional charge. 😉

Not sure whether it is due to the psychological effect (expensive stuff must be good 😂) that somehow Chatterbox chicken rice seems to be super tasty though this is what you can get in any other chicken rice stall. 🤔😃


Their Signature Coconut Ice Cream that comes with double scoop of the creamy coconut ice cream, topped with crunchy chopped walnuts, medley of tropical fruits served in a coconut husk. Sinfully delicious.

You are more than welcome to go for their ala-carte items as well if set meal sounds heavy to you. 😉

Grilled Satay

Skewers of chicken or beef grilled over charcoal with onions, cucumber, ketupat and a sweet-savoury peanut sauce with pineapple puree. The meat is grilled to perfection and tenderly deliciously with the charred smell especially.

Mackerel & Crab Otah-Otah

Wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over an open charcoal flame, this traditionally spicy fish cake is a marriage of mackerel, handpicked crab meat and a melange of traditional Malay spices such as lemongrass, shallots and coconut milk. A must try for seafood fans.

Lobster Laksa

This crowd-pleaser is loaded with whole Boston lobster claw, quail eggs, fish cake, thick vermicelli noodles and dried beancurd served in a flavoursome coconut broth of spices and coconut milk.

Sweet Platter

Nostalgic best enjoyed over a pot of tea. An assortment of Nyonya kuehs-of-the-day, available in 4 types. It’s a must for kueh lovers. Strictly no compromise!

Do you think it is still worth your while to try this “atas” chicken rice? Well, to each its own but I firmly believe that chicken rice die-hard fans out there will surely give it a try! 👍

Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant @ 32 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village

When I think of Mexican cuisine, Cha Cha Cha will immediately popped up in my mind. Key reason for resonating it so easily is that Cha Cha Cha holds a special memory in me.

Why is it so? I used to work as a part-time staff in the early years in 1990. Wow, time really flies. I remember vividly the couple owners, Melvin and Joyce of Cha Cha Cha back then and not forgetting a lovely colleague, Karen too. Wondering how have they been after all these years. It would certainly be great if they chance upon this blog article and get in touch with me. 😉

The restaurant remains the same except for the internal layout that have since changed. Food prices are friendly and affordable coupled with the quality too.

You cannot shy away from the usual suspects when it comes to authentic Mexican food. Else, it just don’t feel so Mexican after all. 😀

Jalapeño Rellenos

Jalapeño stuffed with cheese, battered & fried to crispy finish. This is one of those recommended authentic starter and an acquired taste dish if you enjoy the little spice and sour taste of that green chilli pepper.

Deep Fried Tapas

Chicken & beef stuffed tortillas served with sour cream, guacamole & pico de gallo. Mexican spring rolls with meat instead of vegetables fillings. Great starter before your mains.

Calamari Mexicano

Deep fried calamari served with chipotle mayo. Another power starter as well. Definitely one of the better calamari that I have had.


Grilled flour tortilla filled with melted cheese served with guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo. You can choose from a selection of fillings or having it just with cheese. I loved mine with shredded beef.

Hard Tacos

Served with lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo with pulled pork as my desired fillings.


Rolled corn tortillas with melted cheese served with green enchilada sauce, cilantro rice & black bean. There are selection of fillings too and I like mine with pulled pork. This is something new as in the early days when I was there, pulled pork was not an option back then. Also, we use to serve it with Mexican rice (loved the tomato-rish taste) and refried bean instead of cilantro rice (refreshingly good too) and black bean.

Deep Fried Flautas

Flour tortillas served with pico de gallo, sour cream & guacamole. Bigger version of deep fried tapas. Its like spring rolls. Likewise there are options for fillings too. I loved mine with shredded chicken.

Burrito Bowl

Served in a wholesome huge flour tortilla bowl of kidney beans, cheese, sliced Jalapeño, cherry tomatoes, green salsa, black olives, cilantro rice, guacamole and sour cream. Awesome dish for sure.


Tortilla stuffed with cheese, topped with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo & deep fried. Similarly, you can choose from a variety of fillings too and I liked mine with shredded beef. This is truly authentically Mexican and so far I have yet to see this dish offered in other Mexican restaurant here. A must order item here in my opinion.

Pollo Al Chipotle

Deep fried chicken thighs served with chipotle sauce, corn salsa & cilantro rice. One of my favourite mains for sure. The chipotle sauce just works wonder with the deep fried chicken thighs.


Beef stew topped with Jalapeño served with flour tortillas and cilantro rice. I love the tomato-rish flavoured broth, and this dish is likened to that of Mexican biriyani.

You can always try some of their desserts here too for your after meals.


Deep fried cinnamon apple pastry served with vanilla ice cream. An interesting dessert to try. 👍


Deep fried dough strips served with chocolate sauce. One of the better churros for sure.

I would strongly urge you to try if you have already not done so. 😉

Where to find good porridges?

Porridge or commonly associated to congee is a comfort food known to the locals, especially when you are feeling sick, is a simple joy to bring up your day regardless of occassion.

The canton-styled congee, one with the soft and creamy grains that will send warmth to your stomach and usually mixed with minced pork and century eggs. There are also variations to the porridge, depending on what the stall owners have to offer.

I listed some of the stalls that I personally liked and hope to share with like-minded friends.

The first stall is Hong Kee Porridge (鸿记粥) located at Commonwealth Crescent Market on the 2nd floor. I have grown up with this stall since I was young. The stall is operated by an old cantonese couple, and it is often usual to hear them quarrelling over trivial matters like placing food order by customers.

This is my all-time cheap and favourite porridge stall that serves generous ingredients of slice pork, mined pork balls, and pork liver at $4 a bowl.

Sin Heng Kee Porridge at Hougang Street 61 is another of my favourite porridge stall too. I love their pork porridge with additional ingredient of pork liver added.

They do offer a wide selection porridge choice to suit each individual needs. If you are undecided, then go for their signature porridge, which has all the sample ingredients in it. By the way, this stall also offers claypot frog leg porridge in their menu too.

Speaking on claypot frog leg porridge, my personal favourite will be none other than Chang Cheng Zhou (长城粥) along New Bridge Road.

Best of all, they open till 4am to cater for night owls after partying. I like their 宫保田鸡粥 best.

Each time, I will bound to order at least 3 frog legs to satisfy my cravings.

They do offer a wide selection of porridges in their menu, too. Wait no more. Go and check it out now!

Chai Chee Porridge at Blk 85 Bedok Food Market is one other place that certainly warrants some attention too.

Bon appetit! I love mine with lots of sesame oil. How about you?

Broadway American Diner @ The Capitol Kempinski

Craving for a good American burger? Try considering Broadway American Diner.

An American-themed restaurant set in the 50’s backdrop which reminds me of Billy’s Bombers and Johnny Rockets. This place serves Shakes, Burgers & Hot Dogs, a truly American styled items offered without fanfare.

They offer selection of items ranging from Munchies, Salads, Sandwiches, Rolls, Toasts, Burgers, Sweets, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Milkshakes and Floats.

Curly Potato Fries

Oh, I just loved their curly fries. Brings back fond memories of those A&W Curly Fries days. 🙂

Chilli Beef Hot Dog

Smoked Beef Sausage, Chilli Con Carne, Pico De Gallo, Mozzarella Cheese, Hot Dog Bun

Truffle Egg & Salmon Toast

Milk-poached Salmon, Scrambled Egg, Black Truffle, Bacon Bits, Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Brioche Toast

BBQ Angus Beef Burger

Beef Patty, Fried Onion Rings, Smoky Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Apple Butter Barbeque Sauce

Black Angus Beef & Egg Burger

Angus Patty, Mayonnaise, Chilli Sauce, Egg Wrap, Cheddar Cheese, Black Pepper Mushroom Sauce

Black Angus Beef & Brie Burger

Angus Beef Patty, Brie De Meaux, Caramelized Onions Cornichons, Dijon Mustard, Apple Butter Sauce

Black Angus Beef & Mushroom Cheese Burger

Angus Beef Patty, Sautéed Mushrooms, Roasted Bacon, Browned Onions, Swiss Cheese

Pork Jowl Burger

Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, Green Apples, Arugula, Dijon Mustard, Smoky Spicy Ketchup. Their pulled pork is super tender and melts in your mouth type. Awesomely delicious.

Traditional American Apple Pie with Whipped Cream

Looks are definitely deceiving in this instance. I love the buttery flaky crust of their apple pie. In my opinion, serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream will be more of a perfect match instead of using whipped cream.

Madagascar Vanilla Milkshake

This is one of the better classic milkshake that I have had. Smooth and milky. 😍

I would certainly love to try more of their items on the menu in time to come.

Chocolate Fudge Milkshake

So, if you are yearning for some classic American food, do pop by Broadway American Diner and I am sure you will be intrigued by the food and ambience.