Teochew Braised Duck

There are many different types of braised duck out there. I am one who is especially particular when it comes to duck eating. It has taken me a long while for me to find a solid braised duck. I do not go for any type of braised duck and I am extremely selective about it.

When I was in my younger days, there used to be a braised duck stall in the old Commonwealth Market Hawker Centre that I used to frequent. Unfortunately, this stall is no longer in sight as the owners have gotten on in age and their children do not wish to continue with it.

The duck gravy is the key deciding factor and that will be what is attracting to me. I like the duck gravy to be watery based instead of starchy based version and preferably served with a bowl of steaming white rice instead of braised rice.

Fortunately, there is one such stall, Ah Seng Briased Duck Rice in Serangoon Garden Market that I find selling really solid Teochew Braised Duck.

The duck meat is tenderly good and you do not get a strong duck taste with the five spice aroma. Importantly, it is value for money. Literally termed as cheap & good.

They also comes with a complete range of add-on sides like braised pork belly, pig skin, duck gizzard, duck liver, tau kwa, tau pok, braised egg, cabbage & pig stomach soup.

I love their duck liver and not to forget other favourites of mine like tau kwa, tau pok & braised egg. Usually these are my standard add-on sides whenever I were to dine there.

Their cabbage is also perfectly stewed until softens which can melt in your mouth type.

Needless to say, a bowl of steaming white rice is definitely a must with the gravy pouring over it for the perfection.

Do note that the stall is closed on Sundays.

Recently, I found another similar type of braised duck with the watery based gravy at Alexandra Village Food Centre.

Stall name is Teochew Braised Duck Rice. Their version is almost similar to Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice and equally champion as it is to my liking.

They do offers add-on sides like tau kwa, duck liver, braised egg, braised pork and intestine. Not to mention, their power garlic chilli with vinegar.

Their braised duck & pork are so tenderlicious as well.

Thier braised intestines are as power too.

Likewise, it is always best to down a bowl of steaming white rice with lots of duck gravy splashing on it. I always like mine flooding with gravy. 😋

Do note that they are closed on every Thursdays and Fridays unless it falls on a public holiday.

Different individuals have their unique preference when it comes to duck eating. Well, if you are like me, do give it a try if you happen to be around the vicinity and let me know what you think after trying. 😉


Authentic Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is another one of my favourites. Simply love the Indian spices with the dishes. There are a lot of places offering authentic Indian food. Personally, I have a couple of joints that I like to go to.

First being Muthu’s Curry. Usually, I would go to the outlet in Suntec City though they have other outlets in Dempsey Hill and Race Course Road.

Muthu’s Signature Fish Head Curry

Muthu’s Chicken Chukka – Boneless chicken cooked with onions and seasoned with chef’s spicy chili sauce

Chicken Chettinadu – Boneless chicken in a spicy gravy made from ginger and garlic

Squids Sambal – Squids prepared in a base of chilli and tomatoes

Mutton Vindaloo – Spicy gravy of mutton cooked with potato until meat is tender

Bindi Masala – Ladies finger cooked with a paste made from tomatoes and onions

Aaloo Gobi – Potato and Cauliflower cooked together with cumin seeds and other spices

Masala Prawn – Tiger prawn cooked with chili, tomato and an array of spices

Fish Tikka – Fish cubes marinated in mustard oil and spices is cooked until tender

Malabar Fish Curry – A non spicy fish curry finished with a dash of coconut oil

Dum Biryani Mutton – Long grain basmati rice cooked with meat and mint served with Raita (yogurt salad) and chicken gravy

Chicken 65 – Chicken pieces marinated with yogurt, Indian spices and deep fried until crisp

Biryani Rice – Fragrant basmati rice cooked with cashew nuts and 2 vegetables

Butter and Garlic Naan

Next joint will be Curry Garden. They have outlets in Punggol Ranch, HillV2 and Turf City. Most of the time, I will go to the HillV2 outlet as it is nearer to my place.

Mutton dum Biryani

Fish Tikka

Chicken 65

Mutton Vindaloo

Prawn Masala

Garlic Naan

The food offered are almost similar in nature with some differentiation in presentation but all of them taste really good.

Another joint worth considering will be Bombay Dining at Pasir Panjang. I have been to this restaurant a couple of times. The food is nice, authentic and importantly value for money as well. This restaurant offers a different fusion of cusines as it serves North Indian, Indo-Chinese as well as Mexican.

Mutton Sheekh Kebab – an extraordinary minced lamb kebab combined herbs with indian spices cook in tandoor

Fish Masala – fish cooked in a mildly spiced sauce

Goan Prawn Curry – a popular traditional hot spicy dish

Mutton Dum Biryani – marinated lamb with dum basmati rice, herb and spice

Butter and Herb Naan

Washing it off with a cup of Masala Tea – a traditional indian tea

Another joint worth considering will be none other than The Banana Leaf Apolo at 54 Race Course Road.

Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup – Hot & spicy soup cooked with vegetables and herbs

Vegetable Kholapuri – Assorted vegetables gently cooked in tomato gravy enriched with onion

Biryani rice with vegetables – Flavoured basmati rice served with two types of vegetables

Apolo Mutton Dum Biryani – Long grained basmati rice cooked with Indian spices and nutton cubes in dum style (steamed over charcoal)

Mutton Masala – Mutton cubes simmered gently in thick indian gravy

Chicken Tikka Masala – Grilled chicken pieces cooked to perfection with onion

Butter Chicken – Grilled boneless chicken cooked in butter based onion and tomato gravy

Fish Malabar – Boneless fish cubes cooked in simmering thick coconut gravy

Fish Tikka – Marinated fish cubes grilled in tandoor pot and served with mint chutney

Seafood Naan – Indian flat bread stuffed with seafood coupled with Indian curry ingredients

Garlic and plain naan – Leavened Indian flat bread gently cooked in tandoor pot.

One other more joint that is worth considering, Samy’s Curry at Dempsey.

Samy’s Signature Curry Fish Head

Gobi 65 (Cauliflower)

Curry Mutton

Mysore Mutton

Black Squid

Butter Chicken

Masala Chicken

Fish Tikka

Fish Cutlet

Briyani Rice with Veg

Butter & Garlic Naan

So, if you are one of those who enjoys spicy food, I would recommend that you give it a try and share your experience with me. ☺

Mad for Garlic @ Suntec City

Mad for Garlic is Korea’s first garlic-themed Italian restaurant. Their main ingredient used is Garlic and hence the name. With its unique & innovative menu with garlic-specialized Italian cuisine, it really differentiates from the traditional italian cuisine. Something interesting I must admit especially if you are a huge fan of garlic. Non-garlic fans fret not, Mad for Garlic’s creative preparation method of removing the garlic’s pungent smell and unique way of cooking Italian cuisine with a Korean twist have won both the garlic and non-garlic lovers.

Their menu caters for starter, pizza, pasta, steak and dessert.

The restaurant interior is also furnished with garlics garland.

Crab & Lobster Cream Pasta – crab meat, lobster meat and garlic cream sauce. It’s like carbonara and not too creamy. Portion a bit small though but good enough for one consumption.

Arrabbiata – garlic, bacon, red chili pepper, tomato sauce and grana padano. From the look, it seems spicy but looks are deceiving. Tastily done. However, it would be perfect if it goes with fettuccine instead.

Dracula Killer – sliced baguette served with garlic, anchovy and shredded grana padano. Similar to having escargo dip. The garlic just works well with the sliced baguette. The baguette also tastes delicious even eating on its own.

Meatatarian Pizza – guess no elaborate introduction just from the pizza name. Comes with sweet white sauce, bockwurst sausage, ham, mushrooms, onion and black pepper. Pretty unique with the sweet sauce taste on the pizza. Tastefully done.

Garlic Sizzling Rice – fried rice with pickled garlic, bacon, onions, green and red bell peppers, flying fish roe, served on a sizzling pan. This is one dish which you need to order. The rice is literally dancing on the sizzling pan when served, coupled with the strong garlic aroma that whet one’s appetite.

Garlic Steak (Rib-eye, 220g) – Mad for Garlic best-selling rib-eye steak served on sizzling plate. Try ordering the medium-rare garlic steak and experience the steak tenderness coupled with the garlic chips for the garlicky feeling.

Having done with the mains, time for some desserts. There are 3 types of cheesecakes on the menu, plain cheesecake, red velvet cheesecake & white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Seems common but when I saw the cheesecake factory logo printed beside it, it leaves me with no choice but to have a go at it.

Cake lovers would know what I mean.

The white chocolate raspberry cheesecake was simply beyond description with the first bite. I am now looking forward to go back and try the other 2 cheesecakes anytime soon.

American Express Platinum Card holders, you may be pleased to know that there is currently an ongoing promotion* when dining in Mad for Garlic.

  • 50% discount when dining with 1 other guest
  • 35% discount when dining with 2 other guests
  • 25% discount when dining with 3 other guests
  • 20% discount when dining with 4 to 19 guests
  • 15% discount when dining alone

* Promotion is subjected to the terms and conditions under Love at Dining privileges as at 22 Apr 2017.

Bon appetit!

Cafe 2000 @ 81 Anson Road

Cafe 2000, located on the 1st floor of M Hotel is one outlet that I enjoy going as a member of the Millennium and Copthorne Group Ala Carte Dining Program. You get to enjoy a tiered discount for dining at their allocated dining outlets.

  • Member alone 20%
  • Member with 1 guest 50%
  • Member with 2 guests 33%
  • Member with 3 guests 25%
  • Member with 4 to 19 guests 20%

Cafe 2000 offers Asian and Western cuisine. They provide for both buffet & ala carte dining. I always see the restaurant crowded with people having buffet. For me, I prefer to go for their ala carte menu instead. To me, hot foods are more palatable.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup with servings of mussels, prawns, squids & mushroom

Chicken satays served with cucumbers, onions and rice cakes coupled with peanut sauce with pineapple

I love especially the Premium Seafood Fried Rice – wok fried fragrant rice with dried scallop confits, prawns, squids, mussels, sliced fish served with whole ‘live’ lobster.

Oven Roasted Cod Fillet with Foie Gras, served with grilled asparagus and mash potatoes. The cod fillet simply melts in your mouth type.

Seafood Arrabiata – sauteed with prawns, squids, mussels in spicy tomato sauce.

Aromatic Mushrooms – sauteed forest mushrooms and garlic tossed with truffle oil.

The Carbonara with bacon slices, ham, onion, cream and parmesan cheese is another worth trying pasta dish.

If you prefer something not so messy, their Linguine Aglio Olio would be a good choice too. The fragrance of the pasta with basil pesto, sun-dries tomatoes, chilli padi, garlic and extra virgin olive oil makes it so inviting that leaves you no leeway for hesitation.

Alternatively, you may also choose to add on seafood item like prawns, squids or mussels to your Aglio Olio if you do not like it plain (as above).

The Wok-Fried Beef Hor Fun – wok fried flat noodle with sliced sirloin beef and thick egg white gravy is shouting out for attention as well. The tenderness of the beef is just so perfect with the wok taste.

Hainanese Chicken Rice served with tender poached chicken breast, fragrant pandan rice, comes with clear soup and condiments of chili sauce, dark soya sauce & minced ginger.

Premium Lobster Laksa – “Live” rock lobster in rich spicy coconut gravy with bean sprouts, prawns, fish cakes and cockles.

Old Fashion Nasi Goreng Kampung – Spicy Malay style belachan seafood fried rice topped with sunny side egg accompanied with grilled satay, oriental pickle and prawn cracker.

Crispy Seafood Noodle – deep fried crispy noodle with assorted seafood & thick egg white gravy.

Artic Halibut Noodle Soup with Brandy – Deep Fried Halibut Fillet with Thick Rice Vermicelli served with Brandy by the side.

Fish & Chips – prime quality dory fillet served with french fries, home made remoulade, malt vinegar, tartar sauce & tomato ketchup.

Their Norwegian Salmon served with buttered garden vegetables, potatoes and chive caper hollandaise is another not to be missed item too. Loved the baked salmon fillet. Perfecto….

Their local fried seafood kway teow is another highly recommended item on the menu amidst other local food items that they offer. The generous serving of seafood is really worth the price it charges.

Grandma’s Chicken Curry – Briyani served with Mango Chutney, Achar and Papadum

Lobster Bak Chor Mee – interesting concept with onsen egg.

Cafe 2000 do have a vast selections for desserts too in their menu.

Espresso Amaretto Tiramisu served with chocolate pistachio biscotti.

Old-Fashioned Carrot Cake comes with carrot, sultana, eggs, cinnamon, walnut and cream cheese icing to see through a satisfying meal.

Crunchy Hazelnut Klimt Torte served with fresh strawberries, blue berries and crunchy hazelnut provides a great finale to a well deserved meal.

The Chocolate Molten Lava Cake serves with vanilla ice cream, mango and strawberry gives the entire meal a happy ending closure.

Food prices are on the higher end as compared to normal restaurant. Good to pamper ourselves once a while.

Super Meat Balls @ Blk 226 Ang Mo Kio Food Centre

From young, I have always been exposed to eating home-made meat balls. It has been a long long time since I last had such great and tasty meat balls. I used to have those meat balls marinated with minced pork meat, wrapped with quail eggs, coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried. Such a dish is usually prepared during festive occasions like birthdays celebration or reunion dinners, etc.

Recently, I happened to chance upon this particular economical rice stall in Blk 226 Ang Mo Kio Food Centre that sells very tasty deep-fried meat balls. The meat balls are freshly prepared on every Mondays and Thursdays only. Their meat balls are made with marinating minced pork meat, flour, spring onions, water chestnuts, carrots, garlic and portion of white pepper before deep frying it. You can literally smell the meat balls fragrance from afar during frying. 

These are the super tasty meat balls @ $1 each which is a must order when at the stall. You can eat it on its own or as a food companion to your rice with other dishes. The meat balls are only available on Mondays and Thursdays. So plan your visit to avoid disappointment.

Overall, this stall can be classified as one of those cheap and good place for your next food hunt.

Itching to try?

Bon appetit!

Uncovering places for good Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is considered as one of the most famous dish for a Malay-style breakfast.

Traditionally, nasi lemak is served with a hot spicy sambal sauce and usually includes various garnishes, including fresh cucumber slices, small fried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts and hard-boiled or fries egg. It can also be served with other accompaniments like fried chicken wing, fish cake, otah, fried vegetables, luncheon meat, beef rendang, mutton rendang, sambal squids, sambal prawns or any other food ingredients that you like.

There are a couple of stalls that serves really good nasi lemak which you can consider trying out.

1. Aliff Nasi Lemak @ Serangoon Gardens Market & Food Centre.

The ikan bilis are super crispy and serves with basmati rice.

2. Hon Ni Kitchen @ Blk 216 Bedok North St 1.

This stall serves cheap and good nasi lemak. Rice is fragrant with power chilli sauce. The deep fried chicken wing and luncheon is a must dish to have. Also, you need to try out their chicken otah too.

3. International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak @ Changi Village Hawker Centre.

There is always a long queue sighted at this stall. Their nasi lemak is super champion. The fried chicken wing is a “killer”. This is a must item to have.

4. Punggol Nasi Lemak @ Tanjong Katong

The sambal chilli is damn steam. Rice is super fragrant with the pandan leaf taste. I like the fried ngoh hiang the best. Only comment, be aware of the high price for your plate of nasi lemak.

5. 一流香椰浆饭 @ Lor Ah Soo Market.

Another cheap and good nasi lemak stall. This stall closes usually by 9.30am so you need to be there early to join the queue if you want to try it out.

6. Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak @ Boon Lay Market.

This is also another champion place for nasi lemak. Prices are reasonable and their chicken wing is crispy-ly power.

There are additional add on sides that can leave you spoilt for choices for a wholesome meal too.

Try it if you are in the vicinity. Will not go wrong 的 .

Mon Bijou @ Claymore Connect

Mon Bijou is a new cafe in a new mall, Claymore Connect just adjacent to Ochard Hotel. It is a modern French Bistro that serves French pastries and desserts.

The cafe decor is pretty unique, relaxing place to be in for light meal and over drinks.

Salmon and Dill Cream Sauce – Pan seared salmon with seasonal vegetables and dill cream sauce.

Chicken Parmo – Crispy chicken thigh with bacon bechamel and parmesan cheese and fries.

Aglio Olio with Fresh Prawns – Sauteed fresh prawns, garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes.

Wagyu Beef Cheese Burger (180gm) – Cheesy wagyu beef patty, arugula, onions, tomatoes, gherkins and fries.

Crab Cake Benedict – Bkue Swimmer Crab Cakes, Two Poached Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce, Sauteed Spinach, Homemade Hash Brown, Croissant.

Out of the Blue – Crispy Halibut Fillet with Truffle Fries and Spicy Tartar Sauce.

MB Brioche French Toast – The ultimate breakfast indulgence baked to perfection.

Food quality on the whole is delicious and of standard. Similar to cafes like Dean & Deluca and Boufe. If you run out of places to go, you may consider this as an alternative option for your next cafe dining.

Bon appetit!

Soya Sauce Chicken (酱油鸡)

There are many ways of cooking a chicken, you can roast, poach, braise, steam, deep-fried and so on. However, there is this particular stall, Chew Kee Eating House @ 8 Upper Cross Street, specialises in soya sauce chicken dishes.

Soya sauce chicken is a classic cantonese meat dish. Chicken is braised with watery soya sauce and texture of the meat is juicy and flavourful. It is commonly sold as soya sauce chicken rice or soya sauce wanton noodle in the stalls.

Amongst all the soya sauce chicken stalls I have tried, I must give due recognition to Chew Kee’s soya sauce chicken. The chicken meat is super tender, succulent, intensely marinated & the black sauce gravy is so tasty that you can even drink it on its own. The popular dumpling soup which you will find on almost every table, has a very unique homebrewed taste, minimal MSG enhancement and comes with 6 plump pork dumplings that possessed a lovely nutty crunch.

Must try : soya sauce chicken noodle and dumpling soup.

Prices are affordable and reasonable. So, if you have no specific meal plan in mind, why not give it a try!

Another outlet for soya sauce chicken will be none other than Liao Fan Hawker Chan @ 78 Smith Street where you get to enjoy Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles.

Other than soya sauce chicken, you will also be able to have “char-siew” and roast pork.

Ever since the stall became to known as the “World’s cheapest Michelin-starred eatery”, snaking queues have been seen daily crowded with tourists and locals.

Naturally, I had to try this so called Michen-starred eatery. I must admit that the noodles texture are springy coupled with the tender chicken meat makes it a perfect match.

You can also have additional add-ons like a plate of bean sprout or a bowl of wontan soup to go along with your meal

The only downside is the long waiting queue and the entire dining ambience compromises the experience.

Well, if you are ok to squeeze and be rushed with your meal, then you may consider giving it a try. 😉

Dean & Deluca @ HillV2

Dean & Deluca is a chain of upscale grocery store. They take pride in offering the cosmopolitan New York lifestyle and unique shopping. This multi-channel retailer of gourmet and specialty foods, premium wines and kitchenware also houses a cafe and in-house bakery serving a variety of gourmet fare such as soups, salads, sandwiches and all-day-breakfast menu.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Wagyu Beef Lasagna

The New Yorker

Ancho Chicken Quesadillas

Linguine Pesto Prawns

Mushroom & Cheese Omelette

Margarita al Mozzarella Di Bufala

Frutti Di Mare (Seafood)

Cheese Burger Pizza

Angus Beef Ribeye

Linguine Aglio Olio Prawns

Smoked Salmon

Shoyu-Maple Salmon

Linguine Carbonara

All American Breakfast

2 Eggs Ciabatta Toast

Fish Taco

Herb Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Orange Caramel Cake

White Chocolate Yuzu Cheesecake

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Food is tastefully prepared. Overall, a great dine out place.

American Express Platinum Card holders, you may be pleased to know that there is currently an ongoing promotion* when dining in Dean & Deluca @ HillV2.

  • 50% discount when dining with 1 other guest
  • 35% discount when dining with 2 other guests
  • 25% discount when dining with 3 other guests
  • 20% discount when dining with 4 to 19 guests
  • 15% discount when dining alone

* Promotion is subjected to the terms and conditions under Love at Dining privileges as at 31 Mar 2017.

Bon appetit!

Champion & Power Fish Ball Noodle (鱼丸面)/Minced Pork Noodle (肉脞面)

Fish ball noodle or minced pork noodle (also known as Bak Chor Mee) is often referred and used interchangeably.

The only differentiation, in my view, is on the ingredients offered with the noodles. There are way too many variations in the ingredients being adopted and prices for a bowl of noodle can easily ranged between $2 to $18.

Below are some of my experiences pick (in my own view) on where to go for a bowl of champion and power fish ball/minced pork noodles.

1. Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok @ Simpang Bedok. This is located at the far corner of the coffee shop after the carpark gantry.

This is one of the 2 stalls in Simpang Bedok which you can consider. Prices are relatively pricy.

2. Jalan Tua Kong Ah Lim Mee Pok @ Simpang Bedok. This is another stall that is facing the main road and also located in a corner shop immediately after carpark gantry.

This stall is equally power. Love their pork lard with the noodles.

3. 汕源 Fish Ball Noodle @ Cheng San Market Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. They do have a couple of franchise stalls island wide.

This stall serves cheap and good fish ball noodle at only $2 per bowl. The noodles are springy with bouncing fish balls.

A must try!

4. Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle @ Serangoon Garden Food Centre.

The fish maw mee pok soup @ $10 a bowl is a good option to experience as well.

5. 鼎记 Teochew Mee @ Blk 283 Bishan St 24.

Their signature noodle is worth a consideration too. Noodles are springy, mushrooms are thickly sliced with nice braised flavour and succulent when eaten.

6. Minced Pork Noodle stall at Kopitiam Changi Airport Terminal 3.

So far, only this particular Kopitiam stall can make it compared to other Kopitiam outlets.

7. Punggol Noodle at Lor Ah Soo market.

Their soup is MSG free with the natural ingredients flavour taste. Noodles are springy too.
8. Leng Huat Fish Ball Noodle @ Taman Jurong Market, 3 Yung Sheng Road.

This stall is super power too. The mee pok texture is different from the rest as the mee pok width is slightly broader. Maybe that brings out the flavours. Also, the soup is damn steam too. Try and experience it.

9. Thye Hong FishBall Noodle @ Blk 233 Bukit Batok East Ave 5.

Another cannot afford to miss type. There is always a perpetual queue at anytime of the day. Only operational from morning to early afternoon.

Something is very right about this stall that patrons keep coming back here. I must say, the mee pok is really power!👍 👍 👍

10. Fei Zhu (肥猪) Teochew Handmade Noodle @ 505 Beach Road (Beach Road Food Centre)

The dry mee pok at this stall is super flavourful. The sauces concoction blends extremely well to give the distinctive flavour. The medium and large portion will have the soup and the ingredients separated from the noodles and the soup taste is really power. You simply got to try it. 

Bon appetit!