Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck @ Paragon Orchard

Speaking on ducks, there are so many types of ducks out there. We have the peking duck, crispy duck, smoked duck, roast duck, braised duck and many more…

In fact, most Chinese Restaurant do offer duck dish in their menu. It really depends on what you like. While some prefer to focus on the food quality, price decerning others might prefer to focus on value for money instead.

Well for me, I prefer to choose over food quality but certainly it would be an ideal situation where I can get to enjoy both the quality with the cheap price. Looking out for cheap and good food is always my top most priority.

Personally, I enjoy the peking duck in Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant. Their duck is beyond words. This is their signature dish and you need to book for your duck one day in advance to avoid disappointment. It would be good to make prior reservation instead of walk-in should you decide to dine there.
You will see that almost all the diners who dine at the restaurant has a peking duck on their table regardless of the number of pax.

The chef will prepare the crispy duck skin and serve the diners with it before he proceeds to prepare to slice up the rest of the duck.

You are supposed to dip the duck skin with the black sauce and sugar (yes, sugar, in case you are wondering and looking weird in your expression) provided. Believe me, the taste is really superb and the sugar really blends well with the sauce and skin. This is something unique about this restaurant compared to other restaurant/duck place.

Needless to say, it comes with a high price tag. 😊

Each duck cost $88++ and the second serving of the duck is best to go with fried rice as what I would always do.

Another item in the menu which I must highlight is their Black Pepper Beef Steak Cubes. The beef is so tender and good that after you put in the first piece onto your mouth, your chopstick will automatically reach out for your second piece.

These 2 dishes are the main key highlights which you should not miss when dining there.

Hope you feel the adrenaline urge to rush & try it out after reading…. Enjoy!

Other available dim sum menu items for your consideration. 😋

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