All About Tiramisu @ Far East Plaza

What is Tiramisu?

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert consisting of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and brandy or liquor with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese.

What does Tiramisu means?

In Italian, it refers to “cheer me up” or “pick me up”.

Desserts can bring smiles to one’s faces and releases tension. I am pretty sure you have tried a Tiramisu at least once in your lifetime. Most probably, you might even have your usual joint when you need to go for your fix on Tiramisu.

I happen to chance upon this particular shop specialising in Tiramisu when I was in Far East Plaza recently.

Immediately, I was drawn to the shop by its name, All About Tiramisu and hence, decided to check it out.

They offer a wide variety of flavoured Tiramisu which you can choose from. Do note that their menu changes on a weekly basis and it is best to check their Menu online before heading down for your favourite flavoured Tiramisu.

You may have it in different sizes too.

Rum Tiramisu

Oh, I love the taste of their Classic Rum Tiramisu. The strong rum aroma comes off with each mouthful bite. Best part, you can get to keep the glass container after consumption. Certainly a plus point for me! 😀

So, what are you?

Tiramisu lovers, you got to check this out!

June Bakery @ The Plaza

I have read so much good review on this old school June Bakery that prompted me to come and try for myself.

June Bakery is located at one of the corner shop at B1-321, The Plaza along Beach Road. Their operating hours are from 7am to 2pm or while sell out from Mondays to Fridays.

They are well known for their traditonal orh nee & cheese tarts apart from their strawberry tart, Portuguese tart and peanut muah chee.

I visited once around 11.45am and unfortunately, the tarts have all been sold out! 😪

One fine day, I decided to try my luck by coming in early at 7.45am.

To my surprise and horror, I was caught in this long snaking queue even in the early hour of the morning. 🤣🤣

By the time, the queue reaches me, the tarts are almost gone! Luckily I managed to try most of it with the exception of the peanut mochi which was fast snapped up by the person in front of me.

This goes to prove that the tarts must be damn solid and good that people are willing to spend time queuing for. Many come and buy in bulk which is probably the reason for the snaking queue.

Orh Nee Tart

The orh nee tart is really power as though you were eating a small serving of orh nee (yam paste) dessert. Not too sweet, soft and creamy. Their tart crust is buttery and flavourful. Definitely one of its kind of tart which I have not come across before. 👍

Cheese Tart

Their cheese tart is one of their best-selling pastry and certainly comparable to big brand names but at a fraction of the price ($1.20/piece).

Strawberry & Portuguese Tart

Their strawberry filling come wrapped with a piece of chewy muah chee which stood out and took me by pleasant surprise.

However, their Portuguese tart is at best so-so as compared to the rest of the other tarts. Nothing great to shout about.

I made another attempt to try my luck for the peanut mochi again on a separate day. Likewise, the queues are still crazily long even on a Monday morning. 🤣

This time round with lady luck shining on me, I manage to wipe off the last 4 pieces of peanut mochi after the person queuing infront of me took almost everything. You can imagine the stress and anxiety that I am having at that very moment. 😱

Peanut Mochi

The mochi layer is made out of sweet potato which explains the orange hue, wrapped with orh nee filling, same as what you get in the orh nee tart (soft and creamy) and coated with peanut powder. Certainly worth the long wait effort if you get to buy it! Else…..🤬🤬🤬

Overall, the tarts are really good coupled with its nice buttery tart crust. My personal favourite is none other than their orh nee tart and also not forgetting the peanut mochi.

Only challenge, you need to brave the long snaking queues which can be a great deterent. 🤨

You may also call their pre-order number at 9731 3002 for your order reservation between 7am to 7.15am.

Yes, you did not read wrongly…they are open for pre-order reservation for only 15 mins. 😯

Trust me, it is a safer bet to go and queue for it than trying to call the reservation number. The line is practically engaged all the time. In addition, even after you have made a successful reservation for the tarts, you will still need to brave the long queue for the collection. Only difference, you will confirm to have your tarts versus walk-in where it will depend on your lady luck!

Best Tau Sar Piah in Town

Speaking of Tau Sar Piah (Mung Bean Biscuit), many would associate it with the famous Penang Tau Sar Piah (the small rounded type typically wrapped with 3 in a bag). You know what I mean if you are a fan of Tau Sar Piah.

There are many outlets/stalls selling Tau Sar Piah and you can easily find one within your neighbourhood town. You can find them in confectionery or bakery shop and there are many different variations with customised fillings to our local taste.

The traditional flavoured fillings are either sweet or salty though some may offer fillings like pandan, yam, green tea, durian, etc.

Of all those that I have tried, the only stall that really stand out in my opinion is the Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah at 639 Balestier Road.

Their Tau Sar Piah is buttery and flakily good. You can trust me on that when I say it is really good.

How do you differentiate between the sweet and salty fillings? Sweet fillings are denoted by the sesame seeds found on the buttery crust surface.

It tastes just so heavenly especially when it is fresh from the oven. Literally 现做现卖现吃. 👍👍👍

Personally, I would prefer the sweet over the salty fillings Tau Sar Piah.

Here, you get to see the staff making them by hands. This is so traditionally done with manual labour compared to many which are machine produced.

If you are already aware of it, I am happy for you. If not, I would strongly urge you to go and have a try else you do not know what you have been missing in life! 😎

Word of caution, be expected to brave the long queue if you are there as you will have to wait patiently for the hand-made Tau Sar Piah to be baked out from the oven.

The Flourist @ Blk 824 Tampines St 81 #01-36

Gelato and waffle lovers, this is one chic place to be in, an intimate ice cream café. This café is tucked in a cozy little corner in Tampines.

The banana brulee waffle was nicely done. Waffle was crisp with the banana brulee and a scoop of yogurt gelato makes it a perfect match. They do offer wide selections of gelato ice cream options to suit different taste buds if you are just there for gelato. Definitely a great place for a after meal if you would like something cold and sweet. 😉

**Latest update as of Mar 2021. The Flourist Café is no longer in operation and is now taken over by another F&B joint, Ninja Chirashi.

Ah Balling @ 505 Beach Road (Beach Road Food Centre)

Ah Balling better known to most as Tang Yuan (汤圆) or Glutinous Rice Ball is a chinese food made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and is then cooked and served with peanut soup, pandan soup, ginger soup or longan with red dates soup.

Tang Yuan can be either small or large and comes either filled or unfilled. Fillings can be in the form of red bean paste, matcha paste, sesame paste, lotus paste or peanut paste. They are traditionally eaten during Lantern Festival (元宵), Winter Solstice Festival (冬至), dessert on chinese wedding day or any occasions such as family reunion.

This stall in Beach Road Food Centre serves great Tang Yuan and often sighted with long queues. Prices are really cheap and affordable with relatively big ball serving.

If you are an Ah Balling lover, this stall is a must go. No compromise!

Mr Baguette @ 505 Beach Road (Beach Road Food Centre)

Egg tarts lovers, this is your alternative option. A state of the art, bringing egg tart eating to a new contemporary level.

Mr Baguette’s egg tarts are baked using baguette bowl. They offer egg tarts with various types of flavours to suit individual liking. A unique style of presentation.

Signature Baguette Egg Tart

Cookie & Cream Lava Tart

Hazelnut Lava Tart

Red Velvet Lava Tart

Eskimo Lava Tart

Hope the 5 samples above will start to whet your appetite. Mr Baguette opens from 12pm to 8pm and closes every Tuesday. To be on the safe side, you can visit Mr Baguette facebook for latest update before heading down.

The Buttercake Shop @ 108 Hougang Ave 1

Other than pound cakes, butter cakes are my other favourite cakes too. Recently, I chanced upon this shop at Lor Ah Soo, 108 Hougang Ave 1 which I thought it was pretty good. The butter cakes are moist and soft in texture unlike some others, hard in texture and crumbly falls apart after one bite.

What exactly is a butter cake?

A butter cake is a cake in which one of the main ingredients is butter, hence the name. Butter cake is baked with basic ingredients; butter, sugar, eggs, flour and leavening agents such as baking powder or baking soda.

This shop sells a great varieties of butter cakes to suit different needs other than traditional butter cakes. You can buy in slices or in whole. Sliced one at $1.50 each and whole cake at $6.50 per loaf which can be sliced up to 6 pieces.

Orange & Cranberry Butter Cake

Lemongrass Butter Cake

Apricot & Cranberry Butter Cake

Rum & Raisin Butter Cake (my personal favourite)

Cempedak Butter Cake

Butter cake lovers, wait no more, charge over now to get a slice and experience the goodness.

Shop opening hours : Mondays to Sundays from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

Cedele Bakery Kitchen @ HillV2

I am a cake lover, especially fruit pound cakes from traditional old confectionery shops. If you are into pound cake, then you need to stay focus on what’s coming up next.

So, what are pound cakes?

Pound cake refers a type of cake traditionally made with a pound of each of the 4 ingredients : flour, butter, eggs & sugar. However, any cake made with a 1:1:1:1 ratio, by weight, of flour, butter, eggs & sugar may also be called a pound cake, as it yields the same result. Pound cakes are generally baked in either a loaf pan or a Bundt mould, and served either dusted with powdered sugar, lightly glazed, or sometimes with a coat of icing.

In particular, I would like to introduce you to this Yuzu Cranberry Pound Cake from Cedele. This delightful cake combines the tangy taste of yuzu frosting with the natural sweetness of choice cranberries. It is soft and moist in texture.

Another consideration will be their Orange Cranberry Pound Cake.

This zesty orange pound cake is topped with a semi-sweet orange frosting & cranberries. The cake texture is soft & moist as usual.

OMG! Simply speechless. 无语能形容这种爽感。You gotta try to know what I mean.

Kooks Creamery @ 211 Serangoon Ave 4

If you love chocolate molten lava cakes, then you will bound to love this chocolate lava cookie. A suggestion, try to have the chocolate lava cookie with a scoop of brown butter flavour ice cream. Heavenly feeling….

The other type is the matcha lava cookie and it goes pretty well with the thai milk tea flavour ice cream.

These are the only 2 types of lava cookies offered and the rest are just ice cream.

Each lava cookie cost $8.50. Pretty pricey but still deserve a try.