Teck Kee Chicken Rice @ The Rail Mall

I have noticed this eatery stall along Rail Mall (Upper Bukit Timah Road) for quite sometime. As I was wondering where to go for dinner, I decided to give this stall a try.

There are many renowned stalls specialising in chicken rice. Boon Tong Kee, Tian Tian, Five Star, Uncle Chicken Rice, Nam Kee just to name a few. Each has its own merit. Some gets “turned-on” with the chicken tenderness, some with the rice fragrance, while others with the garnishes and many more other reason which you can think of.

Since the stall name stated chicken rice, definitely a no-brainer to order a plate and try.

To my surprise, I would say the quality of the rice and chicken is equally on par with those renowned stalls. This is definitely one of the alternative venue for consideration should your sudden crazing for chicken rice arises.

Other than chicken rice, they do have other in-house dishes as well. It is like a mini zi char stall with limited options on the menu.

The shredded chicken macaroni soup is deliciously good as well. This dish is highly recommended for light appetite eaters. It is also suitable for people who has just recovered from sickness and need a nourishing light meal.

The fish maw seafood soup is one for consideration as well. The soup stock seems to originate from the same source as that of the chicken macaroni. So it is quite power too.

For vegetables, they have a list of selection and I opted for their sambal kangkong.

As I have a sudden urge to have eggs, I chose to go for their minced pork omelette amidst other options which turns out as a perfect choice. No complains.

I am sure this place will warrant a repeat visit sometime soon. Hope you can try out this place and see if you share my sentiments.

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