Taiwan Trip from 6 Aug to 9 Aug 2016

Bubble tea, snacking in night markets, shopping, sightseeing, etc. These are some of the things that came to mind when we think of Taiwan. 

I have not been to Taiwan since my last visit (more than a decade ago). Hence, I decided to visit Taiwan for a short vacation break during last year National Day holiday break. Since it is a short trip, I focuses on staying and eating in Taipei city without venturing out to the suburbs.

As usual, I flew there with Singapore Airlines.

Enjoying my sky dining experience without fail.

From Taoyuan International Airport, I took a hassle free limousine bus to the Taipei Main Station (台北车站) where the hotel is directly opposite the station.

I stayed at the Caesar Park Taipei. This hotel is located at the centre of Taipei city and is the only hotel in Taipei with the direct connection to Exit #6 of MRT station. Rooms are spacious with great service.

Stunning city view overlooking Taipei Main Station.

There are a lot of night markets in Taipei : Shilin, Ningxia, Raohe & Gongguan Night Markets, just to name a few. Some are more commercialized than others, thanks to the recent media showcasing Taiwan as a food haven. Basically, the street snacks are about the same in every night markets.

These are some of those street snacks that you see in a typical Shilin night market. 

This is a stall in Ningxia night market, 環记麻油鸡 that sells sesame chicken. The stall is packed with patrons, both locals & tourists flocked to the stall to enjoy the flavourful delicacy. 

有麻油鸡, 麻油猪肝和麻油面线。感觉好像是在做月子似的。😀

There are also many shopping areas in Taipei. Taipei 101 Mall, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Hsinyi Place A11, Bellavita, ATT 4 Fun, Ximending Youth Shopping District and many more. 

There are a couple of theme restaurants in Taipei which are worth a visit. Specifically, I have heard about this Modern Toilet Restaurant in Ximending (walking distance from Ximending MRT station) for a long time. Since I am in that vicinity, I decided to check out this restaurant.

In this Toilet theme restaurant, you will see all sorts of fancy toilet bowls once you get in. Their seats are made of toilet bowls design, so is the food. 

If you order ice cream, it will be served in a small bath tub holder in the shape of a poo. 

This restaurant has a very unique concept where diners eat on toilet bowls from wash basin tables. Food is served on toilet-themed crockery. Food and service at Modern Toilet are nothing too impressive to shout about, the decoration, concept, and overall experience merit a visit if you are ever in the area. 

In Taipei, there are a lot of Japanese food joints. I tried out a couple of them and taste is of standard too.

One of the Japanese restaurant in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Hsinyi Place.

Ippudo restaurant near Caesar Park Taipei hotel serving Hakata ramen.

Overall, a good short trip for decompression break to recharge myself.

I will be looking forward to my next holiday coming up in Nov 2016 to Hokkaido.

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