Mr Baguette @ 505 Beach Road (Beach Road Food Centre)

Egg tarts lovers, this is your alternative option. A state of the art, bringing egg tart eating to a new contemporary level.

Mr Baguette’s egg tarts are baked using baguette bowl. They offer egg tarts with various types of flavours to suit individual liking. A unique style of presentation.

Signature Baguette Egg Tart

Cookie & Cream Lava Tart

Hazelnut Lava Tart

Red Velvet Lava Tart

Eskimo Lava Tart

Hope the 5 samples above will start to whet your appetite. Mr Baguette opens from 12pm to 8pm and closes every Tuesday. To be on the safe side, you can visit Mr Baguette facebook for latest update before heading down.

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