Teochew Braised Duck

There are many different types of braised duck out there. I am one who is especially particular when it comes to duck eating. It has taken me a long while for me to find a solid braised duck. I do not go for any type of braised duck and I am extremely selective about it.

When I was in my younger days, there used to be a braised duck stall in the old Commonwealth Market Hawker Centre that I used to frequent. Unfortunately, this stall is no longer in sight as the owners have gotten on in age and their children do not wish to continue with it.

The duck gravy is the key deciding factor and that will be what is attracting to me. I like the duck gravy to be watery based instead of starchy based version and preferably served with a bowl of steaming white rice instead of braised rice.

Fortunately, there is one such stall, Ah Seng Briased Duck Rice in Serangoon Garden Market that I find selling really solid Teochew Braised Duck.

The duck meat is tenderly good and you do not get a strong duck taste with the five spice aroma. Importantly, it is value for money. Literally termed as cheap & good.

They also comes with a complete range of add-on sides like braised pork belly, pig skin, duck gizzard, duck liver, tau kwa, tau pok, braised egg, cabbage & pig stomach soup.

I love their duck liver and not to forget other favourites of mine like tau kwa, tau pok & braised egg. Usually these are my standard add-on sides whenever I were to dine there.

Their cabbage is also perfectly stewed until softens which can melt in your mouth type.

Needless to say, a bowl of steaming white rice is definitely a must with the gravy pouring over it for the perfection.

Different individuals have their unique preference when it comes to duck eating. Well, if you are like me, do give it a try if you happen to be around the vicinity and let me know what you think after trying. 😉

Do note that the stall is closed on Sundays.

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