National Day Weekend Getaway in Bangkok from 9 Aug to 12 Aug 2018

There are places where I will make a trip to at least once a year if not more. 😀

Bangkok is one such destination on my stated list. This year I decided do so on the week of National Day so as to take advantage of the long weekend.

For me, this trip is mainly to get my fix on food cravings, stock up grocery items & condiments for my day to day culinary needs and importantly spending quality family bonding time together. Working professionals especially, a short decompression break certainly helps and goes a long way too.

Try it and experience it for yourself if you have not done so!

I took an early flight out via Scoot Airlines so that I can enjoy a full day upon arrival to maximize my trip.

Starting the morning by warming up my tummy at the SATS Premier Lounge with a nice bowl of Laksa prior to boarding.

Sawadeeka, greetings from the Land of Smiles. Arrived into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport after a 2 hour uneventful flight.

As always, I would stay over at the Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit whenever I am in Bangkok. This time round, there is no exception too. 😊Simply love this hotel as their Club Floor staff is ever so pleasant and welcoming.

Best part, the said hotel is easily accessible from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport via public transport. You may refer to my earlier post “Decompressing in Bangkok from 17 Nov to 21 Nov 2017” on how to get to the hotel via public transport. 😉

Here I am in under 45 mins from the airport as expected.

Get to savour their nice hot meal breakfast at the Club Lounge while waiting for our check-in. They have a good menu choice selection for breakfast & coffee.

Eggs Benedict

Khao Tom Goong and Moo

French Toast

Iced Coffee

It feels nice and good to be back again staying in their family room. They only have 2 of such rooms namely Room # 2401 & 2408 in this hotel. Thus, you will need to make prior reservation way in advance in order to have the room. The room is spacious with a decent size of about 70 sqm.

Next, comes the challenging question. How to commence my food trail for this trip? There are too many must-eat items on my list to be covered which needs to be carefully prioritize, given the short span of my duration stay. 😂😂😂

Well, I decided to start off by visiting EM Quartier for retail therapy and to have lunch at Laem Charoen Seafood located on the 7th floor of Helix Quarter where they serve good Thai-styled seafood dishes.

A die die must try unique signature dish – Deep fried seabass with aromatic fish sauce

Tom Yum Goong – the soup base taste superbly good

Shrimp cakes – crunchily fried to perfection

Baked crab meat and glass noodle – this is also one of those recommended item with generous servings of crab meat

Deep fried shrimp in tofu skin

Stir fried morning glory with oyster sauce

Interestingly, there is an open air Waterfall Garden located on the 5th floor of EM Quartier where you can take a leisure stroll after lunch for a nice picturesque.

More street snack in the food trail…….

Grilled Tender Pork – this is a must eat street snack for me. Simply love its pork tenderness and sweetness flavouring.

Mizu Suishyo Mochi – a type of sweet snack also known as “teardrop” originated from Korea.

Chanced upon this Almond Milk which looks interesting enough for me to check it out too. Not too sweet but pretty unique in taste. Milk lovers might love it.

Enjoying cheap and good food at Pier 21 Food Court which has become an unspoken ritual. I must say amongst all the various food court in Bangkok, the food prices is by far the cheapest you can ever find.

Egg noodle with fish ball

Stir fried flat noodle with pork

Durian sticky rice with coconut milk

Not forgeting the finale tapas and evening cocktails at the Club Lounge before ending off Day 1.

Starting Day 2 morning with a good workout at the fitness centre to burn some calories.

Rewarding myself with a sumptious breakfast spread thereafter.

My all time favourite egg noodle with pork ball soup. Their soup base taste is beyond description. A great starter for the day.

My bread concoction with plain omelette, smoked salmon, salami, chicken sausage, pork sausage, ham and bacon. Now, how does that sound? Yum yum for sure!

Not forgeting downing it with 2 runny yoked soft-boiled eggs. Awesomely delicious.

Proceeded to Big C Supermarket right after breakfast for my grocery shopping to avoid mass crowd forming up.

Some of the achievements 😉

My long anticipated lobster lunch at Burger & Lobster on Level 1 of Gaysorn Village.

Begin with a starter – Lobster Croquettes

Really good juicy lobster meat as though having lobster bisque in a ball.

Original Lobster – 1.5lb lobster grilled with a B&L’s famous lemon & garlic butter. Served with fries and salad.

Original Roll, served in signature toasted brioche roll with fried and salad – A true B&L classic of chilled lobster meat dressed in a smooth lemony Japanese mayo

Comparable to Pince & Pints except that lobster serving portion is bigger here. Lobsteriliciously satisfied. 👍👍👍

Went over to Food Republic in Siam Centre for my dessert next, Colourful dumpling in coconut milk. Sinfully good!

Oh mine, look what I found…. Zaku Zaku similar to Beard Papa. The croquant chou is crispily good with the cold cream filling. I was highly recommended to try this when I was in Kamata station in my last Tokyo trip. But unfortunately the shop was closed when I was there. So glad that I managed to find it in Siam Centre. 👏👏

Next up, went over to Mermaid Castle Cafe. This themed cafe is pretty unique in its own way.

The cafe is a slim 4 storey high building with the 1st 3 floors dedicated to selling mermaid merchandise.

Rainbow cheesecake

Blue Hawaii Soda – refreshing taste

Ice-Milky way

This themed cafe is very popular amongst students and girls in particular probably because of the K-pop group, “Black Pink” pictures pasted all around the cafe.

Moving on to MBK Centre Food Court for my other food cravings. 😎

Stir fried mama noodle with seafood and vegetables

Fish maw soup with shredded chicken and mushroom

In the evening, enjoy myself with the evening cocktails provided. I just love their spread of tapas with different variations each night. Always looking forward to surprises.

Thereafter, decided to go over to the new Rot Fai night market at Ratchada area to have a stroll.

This new train night market is the most easily accessible amongst all night markets as it is right behind Exit 3 of the Cultural Centre MRT underground station.

Enjoying street snacks as we stroll along before calling it a night.

As usual, had my routine workout at the fitness centre before pampering myself with a well deserved breakfast the next morning.

Made a trip to Siam Paragon for more retail therapy this morning.

Chanced upon this pop-up shop on 4th floor Siam Paragon selling candy crepe.

Oh mine, sweet tooth lovers need to really check it out. Taste like sweeten popiah.

Another must eat food trail will be none other than the Tom Yum Noodle with River Prawn and Shrimp Paste at Siam Centre Food Republic.

Lunch is at Greyhound Cafe mainly for their fried chicken wings.

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings – deep fried marinated mini chicken wings in fish sauce. So good that it always warrant a second order.

French Onion Soup – original French onion soup with French bread and melted cheese. Served with toasted garlic brioche

Spicy Fettuccini Thai Style – stir fried fettuccini with seafood, chili, fresh peppercorns and holy basil leaves

Pink Journey – strawberry, apple and lime juice

Tea breaking at White Flower Factory. Located on Level 3 of Siam Square.

Thai Tea Fudge Cake

Thai Tea Crepe Cake

These 2 cakes are so heavenly that I will try to be back to savour if I can have the chance to do so.

One for the road evening cocktails being my final night here.

Couldn’t help but have to make another visit to Pier 21 Food Court for another round of cheap and good food.

Stir fried basil pork with rice

Hainanese chicken rice

Coconut ice cream to wrap up

After a satisfactory meal, headed back to the hotel In Blu lounge for a relaxing drink and enjoying live band music performance.

What a nice way to end my final night stay in Bangkok.

Waking up to a bright and sunny morning Day 4.

Savouring a hot meal of congee and piping hot croissant fresh from the oven before spending the rest of the morning relaxing, lazing and packing up luggage in the hotel room to prepare for checkout for my early afternoon flight home.

Catching a quick bite at the airport Miracle Lounge prior to boarding.

The food spread though look simple but tastes superb.

As usual, time passes especially fast when you are having great time. Anyway, it was a good decompression break for the family.

I will now look forward for my next short trip to Taiwan in early Nov 2018. Till then and bye for now.

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