Chicken Run @ Paya Lebar Square

Frankly, I am not one who is especially excited when it comes to hot pot as I am not really a huge fan of it. There are many different variations when it comes to hot pot eating. (I am sure you will know what I mean 😉)

Well, there is this traditional stew pot place in Paya Lebar Square, Chicken Run which I find their hot pot is really good though and thought you guys should give it a try if you have a chance to do so.

From its name, you may just think of it like some place selling fried chicken or chicken related stuff until you step in to check their menu.

They do offer a variety of food items other than just hot pot.

Chicken Laksa Pot – oh their laksa soup base is just so good and of standard too.

Mushroom Pot – a great dish for non-meat eaters. Soup base is awesomely tasty. Good to gulp it down with a bowl of steaming rice.

Beef Pot – beef lovers will love this stew beef pot. The beef is cooked to tender perfection.

You may also go to their self-service fridge to pick up ala-carte food item to add on to the various soup base.

They do offer appetizers and other ala-carte items on their menu as well should you choose to add on to the feast.

Stirfry Baby Spinach – this is one recommended vegetable item that I personally like.

Wu Xiang a.k.a Ngoh Hiang – deep fried minced pork roll in beancurd skin. Another champion dish.

So, next time when you have the urge or feel like having hot pot for a change, do give this place a try. 😉

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