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Another price-friendly option for Korean cuisine will be none other than Goobne Chicken, Korean Oven Roasted Chicken.

Goobne literally translated to “baked” in Korean, started out in South Korea in 2005 specialising in oven-roasted chicken baked to perfection without the use of oil and hence its name.

Outlook of this restaurant is simple yet stylish. Just like any other fried chicken restaurant you see in South Korea.

As its name goes, it is definitely a no-brainer to go for their oven-roasted chicken when you are here. 😉

Goobne Original

Their original oven-roasted chicken, the true pride of Goobne! Perfectly done. 原汁原味! 👍

Goobne Soy Garlic, oven-roasted chicken that is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and garlic to provide a flavourful and delightful dining experience.

Goobne Soy Garlic

This is certainly one of the better soy garlic flavoured chicken that I have had (better than 4 Fingers for sure 😯).

Could you tell which is which? 😊

Goobne Galbi, their signature Korean-styled barbeque sauce that gives a pleasant mix of sweet and savoury flavour.

Goobne Volcano

An extra spicy flavour that pushes your taste buds to the limit. Spicily tasty.

Other than oven-roasted chicken, Goobne do offer an extensive range of Korean cuisines on their menu too.

Seafood Jjamppong Noodle

Spicy Korean seafood soup served with noodles. There is this particular charcoal smokey aroma (liken to that of a Korean wok hei) that stood out distinctly from this dish which I loved.

Seafood Jjamppong Soup

Spicy Korean seafood soup served with vegetables. An option for those who prefer carbo free. 😊

Japchae (Glass Noodle)

Stir-fried glass noodles with thinly sliced beef and mushrooms.

Volcano Cheese Rice Cake

Korean rice cakes drenched in spicy volcano sauce, served with fishcakes (eomuk), egg, ramyeon and cheese.

Though the dish name may sound intimidating, the spice level is nowhere near to samyang sauce. This is one of my favourite item here.

Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice

Stir-fried rice mixed with finely chopped kimchi, chicken and vegetables.

After mixing up

Overall, the food quality is of reasonable standard and importantly wallet friendly. Do give it a consideration the next time you are looking for alternatives. 🙂

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