The Coconut Club @ 28 Ann Siang Road

Ever thought of a restaurant selling only nasi lemak?

Well, The Coconut Club is one such place, an atas (high end) nasi lemak restaurant. Interestingly, people come here only to have nasi lemak and nothing else.

You can choose to go with a set where all set come with a serving of coconut rice, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, fried egg & sambal.

Chicken Breast Set

The quarter chicken breast is fried to perfection. Sambal is power and I love the fragrance of the coconut rice.

Chicken Leg Set

For those who do not like breast meat, you can opt for their chicken leg and it is also fried to perfection.

Otah Set

The charcoal grilled fish paste with chunks of batang fish marinated with traditional herbs & spices, wrapped in banana leaf is definitely a must for otah lovers.

Fish Set

Indian Mackerel fish fried to golden perfection and served with additional kicap manis on the side. I love the sweet tangy kicap manis sauce especially when dipped it with the fish meat. It just exudes another layer of sensory flavours. Power!

Kosong Set

Alternatively, you may order separate ala carte menu and enjoy it with the Kosong Set which comprise only the coconut rice, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, fried egg & sambal.

Beef Rendang

Flavourful dry curry containing fork-tender beef brisket (melts in the mouth type), slow cooked and braised in spice mixture and coconut milk. Another not to be missed dish.

Sambal Sotong

Cuttlefish stir fry in spicy chili paste. Uniquely tasty coupled with the tenderness of the cuttlefish.

Ladies Fingers

Okra stir fry in dried shrimp paste. Great for veggies lovers.

Sambal Kangkong

Water spinach stir fry with chillies and shrimp paste. Not too bad but I still prefer it to have a heavier shrimp paste and with more spice for the kick.

Tauhu Tempe Sambal Lado

Bean curd and fermented soybeans stir fry in hot and spicy mixture. The dish looks daunting with the spice with its name but unfortunately, the spice level is hardly noticeable. Spicy lovers will be disappointed with the spice level. 😔

Fruit Rojak

A seasonal special item. The sauce is somewhat different from the usual rojak sauce that we are used to. Overall, it is still tasty.

I would highly recommend you to try this place if you feel like splurging & pampering yourself with a high end nasi lemak at a nice cozy ambience environment.

Of cos, there are always cheaper options for a solid power nasi lemak which you can consider too should your next craving comes along.

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