Tempura Tendon Tenya Asakusa Tokyo @ Orchard Central

Tempura Tendon Tenya Asakusa Tokyo is a top chain outlet in Japan specializes in tempura. This is one food outlet that I always patronizes in every of my Japan trip without fail. In Japan, Tendon Tenya (天丼てんや) is just like any of their comfort food outlet where you can easily find one near you. Similar to our fast food outlet like McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King.

When I came to know that Tendon Tenya has set up its first chain outlet in Singapore on 15 October 2020 at Orchard Central, I am certainly excited to get my craving fixed and of cos to review on the food standard here as well. 😉

Brief history of Tendon Tenya

As with any new opening of outlet coupled with the travel restriction, the constant long snaking queues forming each day has really detered and delayed my visit. Until one fine heavy rainy day, I decided to try my luck and pay a visit just before their opening hours at 11.30am.

Thankfully, I am lucky to avoid the queue when I was there. Guess what, after that, the snaking queue started as expected. 😯

Menu items include their signature rice bowl, set meals, noodles, appetizer, side dish to dessert.

Premium Tendon

Their highly popular (人气) item comes with 2 x Tempura Prawns, Squid, Kani Kama, Pumpkin, Lotus Root and French Beans, glazed with Special Tenya’s Tendon Tare.

Seafood Tendon

Tempura Prawn, Anago, Scallop, Red Fish, Pumpkin and French Beans. Great for seafood lovers.

Prawn Tempura Cold Udon Set Meal

Prawn lovers, you may order their prawn tendon which comprises of 3 x Tempura Prawns, Pumpkin, Shimeiji Mushroom and French Beans with add-on choice of soba or udon either served hot or cold to your liking.

Tori Tempura Cold Udon

Tempura Chicken, Chicken Karaage, Tempura Egg, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato. I love the chewiness of the udon. It is really hard to find a good chewiness udon in Singapore and their udon here is by far closest next to what you can get in Japan. 👍👍👍


Steam Egg with Special Dashi, Prawn, Chicken, Shiitake Mushroom and Kani Kama.

Tamago Yaki

Japanese-style Omelette made with Special Dashi served with Grated Radish (Daikon Oroshi).

Green Salad

Baby Spinach Salad with Cherry Tomatos and Tempura Prawns. Quite refreshing.


Fried Squid Tenticles, the Perfect Snack to go along with any Rice or Noodles.

Gyoza Tempura

Gyoza deep fried with Tendon Tempura Flour. Interesting dish and goes extremely well with mayonaise dip.

Tori Karaage

Tender juicy chicken fried to perfection. Oh, this is power! A must order in my opinion. Really damn crispily delicious. 👍👍👍

Overall, food quality is comparable though you will not be able to expect the same kind of quality standard as in Japan. For now, this is definitely the next best thing outside Japan for your immediate fix.

I would not mind going back when my next cravings desire comes along. Ermm….Maybe not in the near term until the novelty wears off or when they opened up more outlets in time to come.

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