+886 Bistro @ 407 Jalan Besar

With continuation of travel restriction to Taiwan, fans of Taiwanese cuisine will surely missed and craved for authentic Taiwanese food. Thankfully, there are a couple of Taiwanese cafés and eateries making ways here for these fans.

Apart from Lee’s Taiwanese and Eat 3 Bowls, there is another new found outlet, +886 Bistro offering authentic Taiwanese flavors with a modern twist which I chanced upon.

Needless to say, it is a must to try out the usual suspect dishes. 😉

Ah Bao Braised Pork Rice with Add-On Quail Eggs

Using premium Japanese rice with superior sauce sauce coupled with melt in your mouth pork belly and braised for more than 24 hours. Topped with spring onion and sweet & spicy turnips. This is truly heavenly. Cannot go wrong type. 👍

Scallion Chicken Rice

Shredded chicken with a home made blend of scallion oil and sauce. This is another champion dish. Much better than the one served in Lee’s Taiwanese.

Truffle Scallion Udon

Like Scallion Chicken Rice, except served with udon. Something unique and tastes as good too.

Chicken Mee Sua

Bonito broth with mushrooms and shredded chicken. This is at best so-so and passable. I would prefer it with intestine instead. Not as flavourful as I expected.

Imperial Pork Chop

One of their signature item, originated from their Founder’s great grandparents, boneless, fried to a crisp with a slight chew. Frankly, I am not too impressed by it as it does not have the crispy texture to it.

Crispy Chicken

For those who prefer their chicken without the honey. It’s nice but not as power as the crispy chicken chop served in Lee’s Taiwanese.

Ah Bao Braised Stew

Braised in the same goodness as their braised pork, includes radish, Taiwanese glutinous rice cake, mushroom, meatball and fish roe strip. The Taiwanese version of Oden. This is another power dish. 👍

Crispy Enoki

There are various flavour options for selection. Decided on their original salt & pepper flavour for the first try. This is surprisingly delicious.

Fried Shitake

Likewise there are various modifiers that you can choose from. I go for the original flavour that do not require additional top-ups. 😉 Well, I still prefer the crispy enoki over fried shitake as I enjoy more on the crispy crunch feel.

Cold Tofu & Century Egg

A great starter dish to begin with. Simple yet tasty.

Chicken Skin

Oooh, this is another good crispy starter to begin with too. 🙂

Fried Braised Taiwanese Rice Cake

A chewy texture rice cake dish with a unique salty plummy taste. Very Taiwanese indeed. I would say it is quite acquired. It’s either a love or hate type of dish.

You may also try out some of their desserts too.

Sweet Potato Taro Ball

An interesting dessert, mochi-like texture similar to fried glutinous rice ball with yam paste wrapped with sweet potato paste. Makes a great dessert dish.

Yam Brûlée

Classic creme brûlée with a dollop of yam. Feels like eating orh nee. Interesting and unique dessert.

Churros Fries

Served with condensed milk and brown sugar. Definitely another power dessert without a doubt especially for sweet-tooth lovers. Sinfully good. 😋😋😋

Boba Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Oh mine….this is one of the better boba brown sugar milk tea that I have had for sure! 👍

Overall, quality is there and certainly a new place which you can try out should your next Taiwanese food cravings arises.

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