Chatterbox @ Hillton Singapore Orchard

Chatterbox, a well-known name in my era. Newer generation folks may not resonate easily with this name.

Chatterbox used to be housed in the old Mandarin Orchard Hotel and they are famous for their “atas” chicken rice, a comfort hawker dish but catered to people in the insanely Crazy Rich Asians diners back in those days.

They have just opened their doors to diners again since Mar 2022 at the new Hillton Singapore Orchard. I am sure chicken rice fans will flock to check out Chatterbox in time to come and experience the taste of the all-famous chicken rice dish.

Likewise, I am no exception either 🤣 as a natural self-acclaim foodie.

Chatterbox whips up local Asian dishes where you can easily find in any hawker centre around you. Nothing fanciful but merely a nostalgic walk down memory lane for people who are familiar and can associate with. 😊

You will immediately be greeted with the fragrant chicken rice smell while making your way to the seating area.

Other than ala-carte items, they now offer Heritage Set Meal too.


Trio of the Day comprises of beautifully crafted Ngoh Hiang, Kueh Pie Tee and a big succulent prawn.

Main Course

The star of the item, (there is no price in guessing) the all awaited chicken rice. The chicken meat is well boiled and so tenderly soft with the fragrance of the rice without a doubt and coupled with their trio sauces; home-made chili sauce, ginger puree and the cannot missed out black sauce that is required to drizzle over the rice.

In the past, they used to provide free-flow rice refill but now additional bowl of rice will be charged. Having said that, you may still request for soup refill without additional charge. 😉

Not sure whether it is due to the psychological effect (expensive stuff must be good 😂) that somehow Chatterbox chicken rice seems to be super tasty though this is what you can get in any other chicken rice stall. 🤔😃


Their Signature Coconut Ice Cream that comes with double scoop of the creamy coconut ice cream, topped with crunchy chopped walnuts, medley of tropical fruits served in a coconut husk. Sinfully delicious.

You are more than welcome to go for their ala-carte items as well if set meal sounds heavy to you. 😉

Grilled Satay

Skewers of chicken or beef grilled over charcoal with onions, cucumber, ketupat and a sweet-savoury peanut sauce with pineapple puree. The meat is grilled to perfection and tenderly deliciously with the charred smell especially.

Mackerel & Crab Otah-Otah

Wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over an open charcoal flame, this traditionally spicy fish cake is a marriage of mackerel, handpicked crab meat and a melange of traditional Malay spices such as lemongrass, shallots and coconut milk. A must try for seafood fans.

Lobster Laksa

This crowd-pleaser is loaded with whole Boston lobster claw, quail eggs, fish cake, thick vermicelli noodles and dried beancurd served in a flavoursome coconut broth of spices and coconut milk.

Sweet Platter

Nostalgic best enjoyed over a pot of tea. An assortment of Nyonya kuehs-of-the-day, available in 4 types. It’s a must for kueh lovers. Strictly no compromise!

Do you think it is still worth your while to try this “atas” chicken rice? Well, to each its own but I firmly believe that chicken rice die-hard fans out there will surely give it a try! 👍

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