Relaxing Trip to Shenzhen from 11 Apr to 14 Apr 2019

It has been almost 2 years since I last travelled to Shenzhen. I used to visit Shenzhen while transit over Hong Hong for the Consumer Electronics Fair held twice a year in Apr and Oct.

Well, this trip came at quite a last minute when the thought arises from one of my friend. As we have not met each other for the past 2 years, thought it will be good for a meet up for old times’ sake.

This is more of those bro’s gathering that prompted me to join.

What I misses most is the food and massage, so these are additional push factor for this trip too. 😀

I decided to fly in direct to Shenzhen Bao An Airport (for this trip of mine) instead of via Hong Kong which is my usual travel route since this being a super short trip, I do not wish to incur additional time on travelling.

As usual, started my trip with an anticipated meal at TGM Lounge.

Salmon Butteryaki Bento Set – Pan fried salmon cooked with butteryaki sauce & serves with miso soup

Tempura Bento Set – An assortment of deep fried seafood & vegetables served with miso soup

Always love the great dining experience before boarding.

Time to depart…..

Flight was delayed due to heavy rain as cargo handler has to stopped cargo loading activities for safety reasons. Well, that’s part & parcel of travelling. Stay cool and enjoy a relaxing time on board flight.

Arrived safely into Shenzhen airport. Hotel was just 2 MTR stops away from Shenzhen Airport Station.

From there, it is another 10 to 15 mins leisure stroll before reaching the hotel (杰豪皇庭酒店).

Room is super spacious at reasonable rates. Best part, it is owned by a friend of mine. 👍

There is a couple of good foot reflexology joint in Fuyong (福永) and 大唐足道 is one such joint that is worth going to.

It is a must to do ear cleaning and pedicure alongside the foot reflexology. It’s like having an overhaul (similar to sending in your car for servicing). 😀 Strictly no compromise. 😎

Enjoying a super late dinner at 潮汕砂锅粥 along the side street.

Claypot porridge with fresh shrimp & frog leg. Really great for tummy warming especially on a rainy wet night.

Fried cabbage with dried chilli (手撕包菜), this is one of my favourite vegetable dish.

Another favourite egg dish, steam egg (水煮蒸蛋). Look at that silky texture egg. How can anyone possibly resist that!

Typical complimentary breakfast served for hotel guest.

There is a restaurant in the hotel (杰豪粤菜高级食府) that serves great dim sum too and it is also one of my must-eat list as well.

潮州粉果- dumpling wrapped with turnish, dried shrimp & mushroom

腊味萝卜糕 – fried carrot cake with generous serving amount of turnip.

皮蛋瘦肉粥 – century egg & slice pork porridge, certainly awesome as breakfast item.

珍珠咸水角 – fried dumpling, a chewy mochi texture dumpling filled with turnip and dried shrimp.

杰豪虾饺皇 – signature prawn dumpling, also a generous serving portion with hugh succulent prawn filling.

蟹子烧卖皇 – crab meat siew mai, look at the generous portion that you get.

豆浆油条 – fried dough stick with soya milk. This is something unusual where you dip/soak the dough stick onto the soya milk before savouring it.

One other good place for breakfast will be Top One Restaurant (一飛港式茶餐厅) which is conveniently located right beside the hotel.

Signature wanton noodle (招牌鲜虾云吞面). The noodle is springy-ingly delicious.

Toasted luncheon meat & egg sandwich (烘底餐肉蛋三文治). Simple traditional Hong Kong style sandwich for morning brekkie.

Sausage and sunny side up egg add-on to go alongside for a complete meal experience (at least in my own standard).

Food is generally tasty and they do cater for lunch & dinner menu too.

Another must go place is none other than Haidilao Hotpot (海底捞火锅) at Maoye (茂业天地) whenever I am in Shenzhen.

It is located in Futian (福田) area, near to Hua Qiang Bei (华强北).

The prices here is definitely much more economical compared to back home.

I really enjoyed the complimentary hand care session while dining there and the service standard is way more superior compared to back home which is always the reason for my repeated visit.

For those who enjoys dining at 海底捞 火锅, I would strongly urge you to try this outlet and let me know if you change your perspective of dining.

There is one place that I like to go for 焖锅. It is at Simmer Huang (黄記皇). Their special recipe 酱汁 is what makes this dish ticks.

First, the service staff will prepare the stew pot by placing the condiments and vegetables on the pot.

Followed by the main items, chicken thigh, frog leg, fish tofu and inoki mushroom wrapped with beef. (There are many food items that you can pick & choose to your liking)

Thereafter, will set the fire to begin stewing the food items.

Look at the live prawn. So fresh and waiting to be cooked.

After the food is being heated up, the live prawn goes in.

Finally, here comes the star of the dish, the special recipe 酱汁.

The end product…. 😋😋😋

Apart from food, electronic shopping is also one of my key agenda in Shenzhen. The place that I frequent will be 赛格电子广场 at 华强北 as well. So usually after that, it will be followed by having a sumptious meal at 海底捞火锅.

There are a couple of shopping malls in Shenzhen too. 中州购物中心 is one of such. It is located in 灵芝 and is conveniently connected to Lingzhi Station on Line 5 of Shenzhen Metro.

Another mall will be at Coco Park. You may refer to my previous blog, Enjoying Shenzhen for more read up.

Right across the mall is the Lingzhi Park (灵芝公园). It is a nice park and you get to see the locals enjoying the day and relaxing in the park. Really care free lifestyle.

Love this nice horse statue structure located in the middle of the park.

Speaking about parks, there is another park, 忘牛亭公园 near to the hotel that is scenic too. Go and check out this park if you happen to be in 福永.

Spotted this confectionery store, Nayuki (奈の雪茶) while at 中州 Mall.

I was drawn in by the colorful breads and cakes that was beautifully displayed.

荔枝玫瑰 – lychee rose swiss roll.

Isn’t it inviting?

Supreme cheese grape tea (霸气芝士黑提). Uniquely different. 👍

Shopping streets in Fuyong (福永). A lively place that comes to live at night.

Snacking at 波客派. This outlet specialises in fried chicken.

Unfortunately, I had to succumb to the temptation and ordered one of the beer-battered deep fried chicken set meal (啤酒炸鸡套餐) to satisfy my curiousity.

During this trip, I managed to catch up on the latest movie, P Storm (反贪风暴4) as well at the OSGH Cinema.

A great show indeed.

Enjoying a good break at the Guest Lounge prior to boarding.

Hot meal of kimchi ramen

Snacks to go

Well, 4 days 3 nights has just passed while I am having a relaxing fun time. It has been a great trip as usual.

Farewell Shenzhen……

Will now look forward to my upcoming food fixing trip in KL in 5 days time. 😉

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