Maddie’s Kitchen @ Far East Plaza

Having trouble finding a decent dining place when you are in Orchard Road? Typically, food prices are on a higher end in town area. When I was introduced to this new eatery, Maddie’s Kitchen by a friend of mine recently, I decided to give it a try.

Maddie’s Kitchen, located on the 2nd floor of Far East Plaza is an eatery outlet serving affordable zi char dishes.

The food served is savoury and gives one a feel of home-cooked meal dishes. Indeed, a rare hidden gem in Orchard Road. Simple, tasty, no frills and fuss free.

You can easily choose one of your favourite dish (to your liking) from the list of extensive menu items offered.

Ngoh Hiang

Their home-made ngoh hiang is crunchily good with generous chunks of water chestnut in the meat filling. A good side to start off your meal.

Fried Wontan

Great appetizer with the mayonnaise dip. To me, fried stuff of such usually can’t go too wrong. 😃

Prawn Paste Fried Mid Wings

Their Har Cheong Gai is crispily done too and tastes especially good when served piping hot. Dipping it with sambal belachan is another heavenly concoction.

Oyster Omelette

This is their House Specialty, a highly recommended (must order) dish here. The oysters served are fresh, big and juicy coupled with the crispy omelette. Goes extremely well with their tangy chilli sauce.

Pork Chop

Hainanese curry set with braised cabbage and egg. This is another one of the heavenly dish. Really power and comparable to E.A.T, Encik Tan or Scissors Cut Curry Rice. The pork chop is crispily done and flavourfully delicious.

They do offer a variety of soup options as well.

Signature Seafood Soup

Ordered their recommended signature seafood soup. Soup base is rich and tasty with generous seafood servings of king-sized prawns, abalone slices, fish maw, batang fish & lala. A steaming bowl of white rice would be a suitable companion for the soup.

Seafood Hor Fun

For wok fried dishes, their seafood hor fun is one item that you cannot miss. You can really taste the distinct wok hei of the hor fun coupled with the huge seafood portions comprising of fish maw, lala, batang fish and king-sized succulent prawns.

Beef Tenderloin Hor Fun

OMG, another power dish with super tender beef, strong wok hei of the hor fun with the black bean sauce and bittergourd. Yum yum….

White Bee Hoon with Prawn & Lala

Generous servings of lala with 2 king-sized prawns. Another tasty dish, loved the rich gravy cooked with lala and egg. Goes extremely well with their sambal belachan and crispy pork lard.

Sambal Lala

The white clams are of reasonable size and blends extremely well with their sambal and curry flavoured sauce. Goes really well with a plate of steaming white rice.

I will be looking forward to try out more of their menu items with the above good dining experience. I would urge you to uncover this hidden dining gem should you have trouble deciding on what to eat the next time you are in town area. 😉

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