Pince & Pints @ 32-33 Duxton Road

This is the place for you if you are looking for good lobsters. You will get to taste lobsters of the freshest and most premium quality.

The restaurant aims to provide diners with the epicurean experience of having a whole live lobster cooked accordingly to their preference. You will notice a ranking board hung on one of the walls and patrons just need to decide from there. Most of the time, it is kinda “no-brainer”, simply follow the ranking and you will be just right.

The #1 Lobster Roll, the bread was so soft, warmly heated and fragrant with the butter spread coupled with the whole chunks of lobster meat. Every mouthful is heavenly, not forgetting the companion fries and grilled corn.


Next better player coming up, #2 Grilled Lobster. The fragrant smell from the grilled lobster just follows you from the kitchen to when being served. You can’t help but to start working on it right away.

So far, these are the 2 types of lobsters I tried whenever I am there. #3 Chilli Lobster is cooked exactly the same way as how a Chilli Crab is cooked. Personally, I find it cumbersome to eat as you will need to get your hands dirty. With that, I prefer to give it a miss. For those who enjoy deriving the freshest and sweetness of the lobster, you can consider the #4 Steamed Lobster.

Having said that, I believe there is always a reason for the ranking board to exist.

What say you? ☺

**Unfortunately, Pince & Pints has fallen prey to Covid-19 and has closed permanently on June 2021. 😭

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