Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee @ Hong Lim Food Centre

Good chicken curry noodle isn’t easy to come by. There are numerous stall selling and with different variations.

A lot of factors need to put into consideration, firstly, the soul of the curry noodle is the main essence. The gravy has to achieve the right balance, rich but not overly thick or too dilute with a nice and fragrant curry flavour further enhanced by coconut milk and other spices or ingredients. It must not be too oily.

Secondly, steam chicken meat should be moist and juicy and has to be de-boned totally. Thirdly, the potatoes used have to be tender. Next, comes the tau pok (fluffy fried bean curd) which has to use the finer type compared to the coarse type and finally, the fish cake which has to have the chewy feel.

So far, my preferred stall is Ah Heng Curry Chicken Noodle located on level 2 of Hong Lim Food Centre.

At $5 a bowl, each bowl comes out piping hot with large pieces of steam poached chicken, tender potatoes, chewy fish cake and juicy curry-soaked tau pok. The curry gravy was so addictive that each time I will empty the entire bowl without fail. It was so good and aromatic. For those who like it more spicy, don’t forget to scoop some sambal chilli sauce to add more fragrance to your curry noodle.

You need to try it to experience the goodness. Do note that long queues are expected.

Bon appetit!

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