Super Long Weekend National Day Trip to Bangkok from 9 Aug to 12 Aug 2019

There is no prize in guessing when it comes to long weekend especially given a super long weekend. Yes, an excuse for me to travel out of the country (as usual) for a quick recharge. It is almost an annual ritual for me to travel to Bangkok in August. Know what? It was exactly one year ago that I visited this beautiful country on the same date. It seems just like I was here yesterday. How amazing!

I would always try to take an early flight out whenever possible so that I can start the day early upon landing.

Before all the excitement can happen, it is a must to enjoy and pamper myself at the airport lounge prior to departure. 😋

Trying out the Thai Royal Silk Lounge for the first time.

Pretty disappointed with the food option in the lounge though. There is not much of the hot food serving. Overall, the lounge experience wasn’t that great to shout about. ☹

So, decided to lounge hop. Went over to SATS Premium Lounge which is right beside Thai Lounge.

Making up for the loss time. 😀

Then followed up by Plaza Premium Lounge.

Still my all time favourite lounge in Terminal 1. 👍

After all the fanfare, time to head to the boarding gate for my flight out.

Good bye Singapore for now and here I come Bangkok!

Safe arrival into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport 10 mins before the scheduled local time at 08:50 hrs.

Thereafter, proceeded straight to train down to my usual hotel joint, Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit.

You may visit by previous Bangkok trip blog on how to get to Pullman Hotel from Airport by hassle-free public transportation.

Here I am at the hotel after 45 mins. Feels good to be back here again. Loved the service and the staff attentiveness in this hotel. Always getting the warm welcome from familiar concierge.

Checking-in at the hotel club floor before enjoying a round of hot breakfast. Seems like a standard ritual and feels like yesterday kind of feeling.

I simply love the spread of their hot menu breakfast items served at the club floor.

Awesome appetizers spread

Egg white omelette with spinach & tomato

Eggs Benedict – Poached eggs with bacon, English muffin & hollandaise sauce

French Toast with Maple Syrup

Traditional Pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream

Belgium Waffle with maple syrup and whipped cream

Khao Tom (Gai/Goong/Moo) – Boiled Rice served with chicken, shrimp and pork

This is what a good breakfast is all about. 😋

There is a great significance for this trip as it is our only family trip for this year where 5 of us get together for a great time bonding where we get to spent quality time together and enjoying each other’s companion.

So, this trip will simply be relaxing mainly to enjoy the super long weekend together and importantly fooding without fail.

Nice and spacious room for my next 3 nights abode.

Enjoying a great view of Terminal 21 from my room.

Evenings cocktails are provided for club floor guest from 6pm to 8pm. This is something that I enjoy.

They offer a good selection of tapas, salads, cheeses, cakes, fruits & chocolates. Not forgetting alcoholic drinks like wines, beers and liquors.

Strictly speaking, with the sumptuous breakfast and evening cocktails, our meals are well taken care of. This is why I love staying here whenever I am in Bangkok.

I would also visit EM Quartier during each trip to do my usual rounding and to stay abreast for any new shops or food/restaurant outlets that may spruce up.

You will definitely be spoilt for choice (at least for me 😂) when it comes to food selection.

After a hard time struggling internally, I decided to go to Man Fu Yuan Kitchen (coupled with the fact that this was already pre-planned ahead for this trip).

Moreover, I enjoy the quality of the food being served in this restaurant. Thus, whenever time permits, I will try to come & have my fix here as well.

Supreme seafood, bean curd thick soup

Fish maw in brown soup

Hot and sour seafood soup

Bean curd rolls with steamed pork in brown sauce

Steamed Japanese tofu stuffed with shrimp in oyster sauce

Steamed pork with shitake mushroom

Prawn and mango with wasabi mayo sauce

Chicken feet with XO sauce

Signature salted yolk custard bun

Teochew dumpling with peanuts

Pan fried minced pork with salted fish

Seafood XO fried rice

King size river prawn with noodle

Don’t you feel disturbed by the above? 🤣🤣

A good place to have fresh and authentic Thai cuisine will be at Laem Charoen Seafood.

Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour shrimp clear soup)

Shrimp cakes

Stir fried crab meat with curry powder

Stir fried Asiatic hard clams in Thai chilli paste

Stir fried cabbage with fish sauce

Baked crab meat and glass noodle

Deep fried seabass with signature aromatic fish sauce

Another must visit joint for chicken wings at Greyhound Cafe.

French Onion Soup – Original French onion soup with French bread and melted cheese served with toasted garlic brioche

Italian Style Clam and Mussel Soup – Cooked with fresh clams and mussels with lots of tomatoes and basil leaves

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings – Deep fried marinated mini chicken wings in fish sauce. Their wings are just so good.

Another cheap and good place to visit will be none other than Pier 21 Food Court located on Level 5 of Terminal 21.

Egg noodle with fish ball (40 THB)

Rice with stir fried spicy pork and basil (30 THB)

Durian with sticky rice in coconut milk (30 THB)

Sweet sticky rice with mango (35 THB)

Ice cream with coconut (28 THB)

Bean curd jelly in ginger tea (17 THB)

Delicious food at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for not so heavy meal. 😀

Enjoying a cup of bubble tea at The Alley (Siam Square Level 4). There is an intense craze over this brown sugar bubble tea back home.

Brown Sugar Deerioca & Freshmilk

Ironically, I can have it here without having to wiggle through the snaking queue.

So, next time if you feel like having and you are near the vicinity, drop by to have your fix.

Finally, I managed to get my desire on Gram (Siam Paragon Level G). I did not manage to try it the past few times when I was in Japan.

Reason being, you need to be at the shop at the stipulated timing as they make only 30 premium pancakes at each of the timeslot. Each day there are only 3 timeslots available and needless to say, braving through queues is a must.

However in Bangkok, you just need to be patient to wait for 30 mins for your pancake to be served upon ordering.

Gram’s Premium Pancakes – Gram’s most popular product is the fluffy, three-stack premium pancakes. Gram’s soft sponge premium pancakes truly delivers remarkable experiences for pancake eating.

I am glad I managed to try it this time round while in Bangkok.

How to enjoy Gram’s Premium Pancake?

Jiggle it before savouring while it is hot.

Woo…look at it. So fluffily delicious….😋

Catching up on the Matcha baked cheese tart at Pablo.

Their baked cheese tart is equally good compared to Hokkaido baked cheese tart.

Sweet lovers, you will love this “rainbow popiah” (candy rolls) from Candy Crepe (Siam Paragon Level 4)

There are a couple of new visits for this trip. First being Big Dog Cafe.

You are strongly advised to make prior reservation via their facebook page to avoid disappointment as this place can get very popular with dog lovers.

You will get to see dogs being showcase at 15 mins interval ranging from small to medium to big dogs.

You can easily spend up to 2 hours here. So remember to make enough time when you are here.

There is an entrance fees of 199 THB per pax just to get close and personal with the dogs.

How to go to Big Dog Cafe?

This cafe is easily accessible via public transport. You can take a blue line MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre. From there use Exit #1, turn right and walk about 1 min to reach the cafe.

Interesting place to visit if you like encounters with dogs.

Secondly, visited Iconsiam, a large shopping mall located on the banks of Chao Phraya River. Iconsiam was officially opened to the public on 10 November 2018.

How to go Iconsiam?

You may take a BTS train and alight at Saphan Taksin Station. From there, use Exit #1 and walk towards the pier jetty.

There will be clear directional signs leading to the free river taxi shuttle.

Boarding the river taxi and it will take about 5 mins to reach Iconsiam.

Spotted the beautiful modern departmental store from afar on board the river taxi as it cruises near.

Arriving in river taxi shuttle gives you that grand entrance style look compared to arriving via free shuttle bus or taxi.

This mall has the state of the art feel and comes with an indoor floating market.

You can have a couple of nice photo spots on the outdoor area at the Iconsiam Park. Certainly great for picturesque.

Caught hold of a traditional Thai performance inside the mall.

Soak in the live atmosphere of the performance by the beautiful dancers.

Line Friends, you may be happy to know that there is a Line Village Store in Bangkok (Siam Square Level 1).

Likewise, you can capture some good photo spots here as well.

Hmm, ever since I have been to their Flagship store in South Korea, the store here looks so-so to me now. 😀

Happen to chance upon Fomo Sale for this trip.

Know what “Fomo” means?

Right, it literally means “fear of missing out”!

We are lucky to coincide with Artbox Thailand during this trip.

The venue is within walking distance from Terminal 21.

Seems like Artbox Thailand is not packed with crowds compared to back home as I was told.

Similar to Pasar Malam a.k.a. Night Market

Having a great time snacking within Artbox and enjoying live band music.

Warming up at Royal Thai Silk Lounge prior to home coming.

The food quality here is pretty decent and champion. Guess it is at their home ground which explains the reason for the better quality.

4 days 3 nights just flashed past whenever we are having fun. Time to go back to reality after a good re-charge.

What’s next? Gearing up and looking forward to my upcoming foliage trip to Japan in end October 2019. Till then and see you soon.

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