Big Fish Small Fish @ Punggol East Container Park

Speaking of fish & chips, I am sure most of us have at least tried before. Likewise, I too have my fair share of fish & chips from hawker centres to fast food outlets to cafés to restaurants.

What really stood out in a “solid” fish & chips (in my opinion) is none other than their fried batter.

I read about this particular eatery, Big Fish Small Fish specialising in fish & chips with power batter and hence tempted to check it out.

They have a few chain outlets islandwide and what really attracted me was this chain outlet at Punggol East Container Park.

While Bangkok has Artbox, Seoul has Common Ground. Singapore has Punggol East Container Park 😉. Hence, I decided to pay a visit.

This is an open park space where you can find a mixture of eateries operated out from a row of containers with cuisines ranging from Thai to Korean to Western to Indian.

Punggol East Container Park is definitely a rare find. A cozy place where you can dine under the star in the heart of nature with the natural nice and beautiful ambience in the evening.

Fried Calamari

A great appetizer to start with.

Seafood Sampler

You get to sample all 3 seafood items (Fish Bites, Shrimp and Calamari) in a pack. Good for sharing or you can have it as a meal if you like. It comes with an array of dipping sauces for your sensuous pleasure; tartar, nacho cheese, curry and salted egg yolk.

Fisherman Sampler

Bucket Deal comprising of Battered Dory, Battered Hoki, Battered Seabass, Battered Halibut and Fresh Potato Crisps. Really value for money!

Classic Dory & Chips

Dory is a farmed fish with a neutral and moist flavor. Texture is soft and delicate. Served with Premium Skin-on Fries with BBQ Beans and Garlic Toasts. The Dory batter is really champion, savoury and crunchily crispy. Their Garlic Toasts is tastefully done too with a nice buttery aroma.

Classic Halibut & Chips

Halibut is a wild catch with mildly sweet flavor. The texture is moist and dense. Served with Premium Skin-on Fries with Mint Mushy Pea and Garlic Toasts.

Signature Seabass

Seabass is a farmed fish that is sweet and buttery. Texture is firm, meaty with large and moist flakes. The Fresh Potato Crisps is really power and I like it the most.

Signature Haddock

Haddock is a wild catch with mildly sweet flavor. The texture is lean with medium flakes, firm yet tender. You may also also enjoy it with their array of dipping sauces as well.

Other than fish, they do offer chicken on their menu too.

Fried Chicken

Crispy fried boneless chicken thigh with mashed potato and buttered corn. Their fried chicken is super tender and fried to perfection. 👍👍👍

Spicy Fried Chicken with add-on Mozarella Stick

For those who loves spice, you may consider going for their spicy fried chicken. Trust me, the spice will certainly gives you the extra added kick. 😉 Oh, cheesy lovers will fall in love with the mozarella stick. Goes extremely well if dipped in their nacho sauce.

You may also choose to complete your meal with their soup of the day or coleslaw with drink.

Clam Chowder

You may check with the staff on what is their soup of the day prior to ordering.


I am not really a fan of coleslaw but their coleslaw really blows me off. It’s really good.

The portion served is generous in size, value for money (confirmed, guaranteed and chopped) coupled with the food quality and tastiness. No wonder it is crowned as The Best Fish & Crisps. This is no doubt one of the best fish & chips that I have come across. 👍👍👍😋😋😋

Big Dory Catch Student Meal

Good news if you are a student, you may get to enjoy value for money student meal with either a small or big catch meal. Well, key difference is on the size of the catch. 😋

Not to mention, tbey are extremely generous on the size of drink provided. Only one standard size offered. For sure I will be back again should I need to get my next fix on fish & crisps!

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