Beast & Butterflies @ M Social

This is another restaurant joint under the Millenium Hotel Group. Similar to that of Café 2000 at M Hotel.

A place with nice cozy environment coupled with great ambience especially at night. You get to enjoy live band music on Saturdays.

Great place with great music and of cos great food.

Beast & Butterflies offer a good selection of foods and I hope I can have a chance to savour all of it in time to come. 😀

For Starters…..

Truffle Crispy Fish Skin & Potato Chips dusted with black truffle powder. Oh mine, this is one of my favourite starter. The truffle powder taste so good and empowering. Certainly not for the faint hearted.

Crunchy Greens, icy plant with wasabi dressing and sides of sesame miso dutch cucumber. Woo….this is one starter dish to order. The icy plant is super cruchy and refreshing with the wasabi dressing. Awesomely delicious!

For mains……

Cod Fish, deep fried atlantic cod served with cripy egg noodles, bailing mushrooms and hong kong choy sum in gravy. This cod is damn power when deep-fried. Surprisingly, goes well with crispy noodle. High end type of 生面.

Chicken Claypot Rice, the fragrant rice cooked in a claypot with preserved sausage, salted fish, chinese mushrooms and chicken. Interestingly, this dish is equally tasty with all the required flavours expected of a claypot rice. 👍 Only challenge is that the rice portion is insufficient after your appetite have warmed up. 😅

Steamed Clam Chorizo, steamed littleneck clams and iberico chorizo in white wine served with bread basket. Italian la la to be exact.

Beast Burger, grilled u.s. wagyu beef and cheese burger, bbq sauce, mustard and mayo, brown onions, served with potato fries and mesclum salad with sesame dressing. The beef patty is good though a bit messy to consume.

Lobster Porridge, teochew-style lobster rice porridge in crab broth, baby abalone, crispy conpoy, bonito flakes, fried shredded ginger and scallion. Nice but not as champion compared to the lobster porridge in Orchid Live Seafood. The soup based is at most so-so probably over empowered by bonito flake.

Thai Chicken Basil Pasta, linguine served with wok-fried spicy minced chicken with sweet basil and crispy egg floss. This is one interesting dish, pretty unique. Recommended to try.

Char Kway Teow, stir-fried flat noodle with prawns, preserved sausages, chives and bean sprouts. I just do not know how to describe this dish, simple and yet taste great.

For desserts….

Matcha Lava, warm green tea cake, matcha ganache, azuki red beans, vanilla ice cream. This is another must order sweets. Highly recommended.

Another great place for your dining options!

So, do keep a lookout on this blog post for any new menu updates from time to time. 😉

Bon appetit!