Orchid Live Seafood @ 16 Jalan Kelulut

If you enjoy eating lobster porridge, one good place to consider will be none other than Orchid Live Seafood, the original lobster porridge. This is their signature dish.

They serve really good Lobster porridge. The fragrance of the porridge with its associated condiment just makes it perfectly flavourful.

Lobsters are charged at $11/100 gm for ala-carte order. Their main signature dish. Minimum order for 2 pax will cost $60. This is the only high priced item in their menu other than their Patin Fish. The rest of their menu items are reasonably priced.

Steven’s chicken is another of their signature dish. You can taste the marmite flavour along with it. It is easy to eat from the way the chicken is prepared.

I love their ngoh hiang too. Tastily done and you can see the portion of the chestnut standing out from the minced meat.

Smoked duck. Nothing much to shout about. Can do with or without.

Steam live prawns goes well with the black concocted chilli.

Steam patin fish is freshly done and the gravy sauce blends extremely well with a bowl of steaming white rice.

Their kang kong belacan is highly recommended. The shrimp paste taste really good. Big serving for a small portion ordered. Overall, they are generous with their food servings.

Another dish to commend on is their signature fried rice. The rice texture is what I liked about. 饭粒很有弹性。

Topshell Crispy Toufu, another of their highly recommended dish. Pretty unique to have the topshell else, it taste just like thai-styled toufu.

Pan fried beancurd skin with prawn is also their recommended dish. This is crispily good.

Other than the ala-carte menu, they do offer set menus as well. Ranging from 4 to 10 pax and it covers all their signature dishes.

This place is value for money and dishes are pretty standard. You will know what to eat when you are there.

Give it a try if you have not been there. Another alternative for your family meal.

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