Two Men Bagel House @ Novena

It has been a long time since I last had bagels when I was in the US. Recently, I found this outlet, Two Men Bagel House during one of my staycation at Courtyard Marriot where they are located right beside it.

There was a long snaking queue sighted and before long, I found myself in the queue too. 😂

Being a foodie, missing a good bagel for a long long time coupled with the impulse craving and importantly with the long queue, it apparently has to be good I suppose…..

I am glad I joined the queue else I would have missed it big time. As I am trying it out for the first time, I ask for recommendation from the staff.

The recommended menus are as follows;

1. Hawaiian – spam, cheddar, sunny egg, caramelized pineapple

2. Hammer – scallion scrambled, cheddar, crispy bacon

3. Lox – smoked salmon, cream cheese tomato, pickled mustard seeds, hard boiled eggs

4. Prima – smoked brisket, ratatouille, cheddar

5. Warthog – smoked pork belly, onion & cucumber, coriander, char siew sauce


Wow….their bagel is power and of standard too. The bagel crust is crispily tasty with the lingering tinge of seasalt & black pepper. Really awesome bagel. 😋😋😋

Do be prepared to get messy when handling the bagels…

The only disservice, I am not able to give justice to the bagel by providing a nice shot for it. 🤣

Looks like I will have to look forward to try the rest of the recommended items in time to come. 😎

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