The Curry Wok @ Coronation Arcade

Foodies looking for alternative Nyonya Food, here is another option for you to consider.

Curry Wok, a cozy home-feel family eatery located at Coronation Arcade is well known for its home-cooked traditional Teochew Nyonya Food.

It has been a long while since I last visited this eatery and am glad that I do so recently. Food is awesome with standard and certainly savoury. Here are some of my personal favourite dishes.

Ngoh Hiang

This home-made prawn and pork roll is really power. Deliciously good and goes well with the sweet dipping sauce. A must order dish (at least for me 😃), strictly no compromise each time I am here.

Otak Otak

This is one of their popular dish here. You get to see thick chunks of fish meat in their otak.

Nyonya Chap Chye

Another not to be missed dish. Their braised cabbage is cooked till perfection with ingredients like mushroom, black fungus, dried shrimps, carrot, vermicelli and tau kee. I love the soupy gravy and it goes extremely well with a plate of fragrant white rice.

Sayuh Lodeh

Mild spicy lover, you can go for their Sayur Lodeh (curry vegetable). Woh..this is good stuff. The crunchiness of the cabbage with the lemak gravy gives it a wow factor.

Sambal Brinjal & Ladies Fingers

For spice lover, you can try their sambal brinjal & ladies fingers. This definitely goes well with your plate of fragrant white rice. Simple yet flavorful.

Beef Rendang

Their beef rendang is cooked till tenderly soft until melts in the mouth type and not forgetting the savoury nyonya style rendang sauce that can blow you off too.

Hainanese Pork Chop

Interestingly, you will get to find Hainanese style Pork Chop in a Teochew Nyonya Food eatery as well. There are also a number of other interesting dishes too as I slowly unveil them. This is another heavenly dish if you enjoy the tomato-rish flavor sauce.

Kong Bak Pau

Look at that braised pork bun staring hard at you! How could you not pay attention to it! This chinese version braised pork burger has it all, the tenderlicious braised pork sandwiched with steam bun and the jucily braised sauce dripping out of it. You may also “flood” the sauce over your plate of white rice (which I often do). 😅

Sambal Belachan

Frankly, this is the star dish in my opinion. The sambal belachan chilli sauce is damn power. Simply appetizing! I can simply go over it with my white rice without dishes. This really brings back my childhood memories where at times I just had sambal belachan with rice as a meal.

Not sure whether you are salivating after reading. Well, you can always give this alternative option a consideration when your next nyonya meal cravings come along. 😉

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