Una Una @ Suntec City

Yearning for a good unagi (grilled eel) meal? You may want to consider heading down to Una Una (a famed Japanese grilled eel chain) to have your fix.

I am extremely particular when it comes to unagi eating. So far, the best unagi experience I have ever had is in Nagoya, Japan. The eel is grilled into perfection coupled with the savoury sauce and most importantly you do not get the bony feel with each bite. My personal favourite is none other than the unagi hitsumabushi.

What is Hitsumabushi?

Hitsumabushi is Nagoya’s style of cooking freshwater eel and there are three ways to eat it. First, divide the bowl into portions. Enjoy the first portion on its own and relish the eel’s depth of flavour. Then for the second portion, add nori (seaweed), wasabi and spring onions to the Hokkaido rice and eel. For the third portion, add the clear dashi to the above mix. Enjoy Hisumabushi in your favourite way!

Unagi Hitsumabushi

They do offer alternative option of the Hitsumabushi other than the traditional version.

Kaisen Hitsumabushi

For those who enjoys unagi to the fullest, you should go for the double eel portion to satisfy your desired craving.


Some sides to complete your meal…..

Unagi Roll

This sushi roll is not bad and worth trying.

Chuka Wakame

The edible seaweed is at most ok and certainly cannot be compared to the real stuff when you are in Japan.


The chawanmushi (steam egg custard) is pretty tasty and of some standard.

I must say that Una Una is by far the closest best alternative that I will go for if I ever needed a quick fix on unagi.

Unagi lovers, this is one place that you can consider.

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