Pink Candy @ Beauty World Centre

Ever since my last Korean dining experience at Ajumma’s, I kinda fell in love with Korean cuisines subconsciously. Hence, I have been paying more attention in looking out for other venue where I can find good and affordable Korean dishes.

Interestingly, I found one such dining outlet, Pink Candy Roof Top Garden on the 4th floor of Beauty World Centre. This is not a usual restaurant as it is a stall operated in the hawker centre.

You will be surprised to know that the food quality is of standard and prices are affordable too.

What makes this place unique is the roof top garden view at night time that gives it a nice alfresco feel.

Beautiful view from the roof top garden

Having said that, there is no prize in guessing what I will have next as these are the usual suspects from any Korean cuisine. 😊

Ginseng Chicken

The taste is pretty authentic and value for money. The chicken meat is fork tender and falls off easily from the bone. Not forgeting the flavourful kimchi banchan that serves along with it.

Beef Bibimbap

A simple all in one dish. Some serve using hot stones and this brings me back to Jeonju, often referred to as the Home of the Bibimbap where I had my first experience with this dish.

Cold Noodle

Certainly a great way to cool off on a hot and humid weather. Definitely brings back fond memories when I was first introduced to Jeju seasoned aster cold noodle.

Soft Seafood Tofu Soup

A great way to spice off on a cool evening. The strong flavoured seafood aroma simply whets your appetite and perfect with a bowl of steaming white rice.

Pork Cutlet with Rice

They are extremely generous with their pork cutlet serving. Can’t help but reminds me of the pork cutlet I had in Namsan Tonkatsu at the foot of N Seoul Tower.

Kimchi Fried Rice

A dish that can never go wrong whenever you are in doubt.


A typical Korean seaweed roll that is a well loved Korean street snack.

Spicy Rich Cake + Ramen

Sweet and mild spicy rabokki. Another form of common street snack.

Beef Bulgogi

A sweet based flavoured main dish that goes extremely well with a steaming bowl of white rice.

Korean Kimchi Ramen

My personal all-time favourite dish. A must eat item whenever I am in Korea.

Soy Sauce Chicken Wing

No Korean meal is complete without a fried chicken order. Somehow, Koreans are always champion when it comes to fried chicken.

Fried Dumpling

Most times the mandu that we seen is huge in size. In Pink Candy, it goes the unconventional way with size that are not commonly seen. The mandu still gives you the crunchy feel with each bite.

Overall, food quality is decent given the attractive price point. So, do not be surprised to find snaking queues forming when you are here and be prepared to brave the queue even at late dining hours. 😯

Is it worth the wait? Ermm… I will leave you to answer this question. 😉

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