June Bakery @ The Plaza

I have read so much good review on this old school June Bakery that prompted me to come and try for myself.

June Bakery is located at one of the corner shop at B1-321, The Plaza along Beach Road. Their operating hours are from 7am to 2pm or while sell out from Mondays to Fridays.

They are well known for their traditonal orh nee & cheese tarts apart from their strawberry tart, Portuguese tart and peanut muah chee.

I visited once around 11.45am and unfortunately, the tarts have all been sold out! 😪

One fine day, I decided to try my luck by coming in early at 7.45am.

To my surprise and horror, I was caught in this long snaking queue even in the early hour of the morning. 🤣🤣

By the time, the queue reaches me, the tarts are almost gone! Luckily I managed to try most of it with the exception of the peanut mochi which was fast snapped up by the person in front of me.

This goes to prove that the tarts must be damn solid and good that people are willing to spend time queuing for. Many come and buy in bulk which is probably the reason for the snaking queue.

Orh Nee Tart

The orh nee tart is really power as though you were eating a small serving of orh nee (yam paste) dessert. Not too sweet, soft and creamy. Their tart crust is buttery and flavourful. Definitely one of its kind of tart which I have not come across before. 👍

Orh Nee Tart with Mochi

For those who does not like ginko nut as toppings, you may be happy to know that there is a new version with mochi as toppings now. 👍 Mochi lovers will bound to fall in love with this item for sure. ☺️

Orh Nee Croissant

Another interesting fusion item where the east meets the west. Orh Nee with Croissant 😲 yes you heard it right. Savoury and sweet with the flaky pastry. OMG!

Cheese Tart

Their cheese tart is one of their best-selling pastry and certainly comparable to big brand names but at a fraction of the price ($1.30/piece).

Strawberry & Portuguese Tart

Their strawberry filling come wrapped with a piece of chewy muah chee which stood out and took me by pleasant surprise.

However, their Portuguese tart is at best so-so as compared to the rest of the other tarts. Nothing great to shout about.

I made another attempt to try my luck for the peanut mochi again on a separate day. Likewise, the queues are still crazily long even on a Monday morning. 🤣

This time round with lady luck shining on me, I manage to wipe off the last 4 pieces of peanut mochi after the person queuing infront of me took almost everything. You can imagine the stress and anxiety that I am having at that very moment. 😱

Peanut Mochi

The mochi layer is made out of sweet potato which explains the orange hue, wrapped with orh nee filling, same as what you get in the orh nee tart (soft and creamy) and coated with peanut powder. Certainly worth the long wait effort if you get to buy it! Else…..🤬🤬🤬

Overall, the tarts are really good coupled with its nice buttery tart crust. My personal favourite is none other than their orh nee tart and also not forgetting the peanut mochi.

Only challenge, you need to brave the long snaking queues which can be a great deterent. 🤨

You may also call their pre-order number at 9731 3002 for your order reservation between 7am to 7.15am.

Yes, you did not read wrongly…they are open for pre-order reservation for only 15 mins. 😯

Trust me, it is a safer bet to go and queue for it than trying to call the reservation number. The line is practically engaged all the time. In addition, even after you have made a successful reservation for the tarts, you will still need to brave the long queue for the collection. Only difference, you will confirm to have your tarts versus walk-in where it will depend on your lady luck!

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