One Kueh at a Time @ 230 Pandan Loop

Ever thought of a place that sells only soon kueh?

What exactly is Soon Kueh?

Soon Kueh is a popular Teochew snack, originally made using bamboo shoots, turnips, dried mushroom and dried shrimp for the umami flavour. Over time, this dish has been simplified without the bamboo shoots. Having said that, there are still stalls that sells soon kueh with bamboo shoots as main fillings.

Recently, I chanced upon a place that specializes and sells only soon kueh, One Kueh at a Time @ 230 Pandan Loop. Interestingly, this place is located off the beaten path in an industrial area instead of the usual shop in a neighbourhood centre.

Upon reaching the destination, you will come across the above guardhouse.

Once you go past the guardhouse, continue and walk towards the glass door as there is no signages to direct you to One Kueh at a Time.

At the glass door, press the automated door open button and tada….you are already in it before you knew it.

This is the interior after opening the glass door. It looks like a big kitchen with a nice cozy homely environment which exhibits a different feel from the outside.

The Menu

One Kueh at a Time offers fusion crafted soon kueh as can be seen from the menu.

Ticket Number

Immediately after placing order for your soon kuehs, you will be given a queue ticket after upfront payment made. Thereafter, you will just have to wait patiently for the soon kuehs to be served once ready.

Their soon kuehs are shaped like mandu, different from what we are used to seeing and importantly, visually inviting.

My personal favourite is still their classic flavoured soon kueh. Their soon kueh skin is the key differentiator in my opinion. The texture is thin, chewy, stretchy and nicely done. Similar to the traditional old-school crystal dumpling (古早味水晶包) which I have had. I must admit and agree that their soon kuehs are really champion as with the high price tag. 😯

This is definitely bringing soon kueh eating to a new level. If you are a true blue die-hard soon kueh fan, you got to experience it for yourself.

For me, experiencing it once for the sake of novelty is by far I will go. What about you?

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