Sungei Road Laksa @ Jalan Berseh

Laksa is a popular and iconic street food in Singapore. It is a spicy noodle soup, consists of thick bee hoon and usually with added condiments like fish cake, egg, prawn, chicken, tau pok or cockles. They are many different variations of laksa that you can find.

I am sure each of us will have our usual hangout stall that we often patronize for our own enjoyment. Laksa is one of my favourite hawker food amid many others.

For me, my favourite go-to stall for laksa is none other than Sungei Road Laksa located in 27 Jalan Berseh. There is no other franchise stall as they are the only stall in Singapore. 😯

As usual, good stuff always comes with a long waiting time as there is always a long snaking queue sighted at any time of the day here. 🤣

They are probably the only laksa stall that uses traditional charcoal stove to heat up the pot of laska gravy and I am sure that certainly creates the difference.

In addition, I observed that the stall owner in charge of preparing the laksa will pour the laksa gravy over each bowl of noodle to run through the heat up process. She will do it consistently over 4 times for each bowl of laksa before it is allowed to be served out. Guess, this is their standard ISO protocol I suppose. 😀

Standard Laksa Bowl

Each bowl of laksa comes with a generous serving of huge fresh cockles, fish cakes, laksa leaves and chilli sauce, beautify with the orange-coloured laksa gravy.

They only serve standard portion at $3 a bowl and you may choose to add-on more fresh cockles, fish cakes, noodles or laksa gravy at an additional cost of $1 per item. The laksa is served like a typical Katong 328 Laksa style using only spoon.

Standard Laksa Bowl With Add-On Cockles

Look at the amount of huge cockles flooding the bowl. Avid “hum” lovers should not miss this! Each spoonful comes with a good mouthful of cockles. Power lah! Definitely not for the faint hearted. 😃😃

It is a common sight to see patron enjoying 2 bowls of laksa on their own due to the small size bowl. Definitely welcomed by ladies as they will be able to enjoy it without much guilt. 😉

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