Alchemist @ Khong Guan Building

Recently, I came across a new hipster coffee joint, Alchemist which I think coffee lover or connoissuer will like.

Alchemist Flagship Store

Alchemist HQ is located at Khong Guan Building, a national heritage landmark in MacTaggart Road.

When it comes to drinking coffee, there are many different types of coffee. So, what is a good coffee? Opinions will differ amongst individuals. Well (to me), high-quality coffee must have a good balance of aroma, bitterness, sweetness and acidity in one sip. Importantly, it will leave you wanting a second sip in its purest form (without sugar or milk).

I love the modern interior, it is cozy with a rustic feel and relaxing. For a moment, I felt as though I was brought back in time to the days when I was in Trung Nguyen Legend café in Ho Chi Minh City 😲

Coffee Roaster Menu

All you need is simply select a coffee with the preferred beans of your choice and it will be prepared fresh for you.


Strong with aromatic bitter taste using their most popular house blend.


Love the fruitiness of the English pear acidity.

Pastries Menu

You may also choose to enjoy your coffee alongside their pastries.

Butter Croissant

A classic favourite. Soft and buttery good. Goes extremely well for your coffee enjoyment.

This place is definitely a hidden gem for coffee lovers or connoisseurs. You need to check it out or you risk missing it big time! 😯

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