Impromptu Trip to Ho Chi Minh City from 2 Oct to 5 Oct 2018

Thanks to my recent garden leave that I am able to squeeze in this impromptu trip. It was a last minute unplanned trip. As highlighted in my previous blog, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is one of the consideration place that I love to visit for short trips. Main reason being, it is just below 2 hours of flight journey and you will be able to break away from the usual bustling city to a relaxing city.

So without much hesitation, HCMC was a natural option that pops up in my mind.

As usual, enjoying myself with a great bowl of laksa and all day breakfast at the Plaza Premium Lounge prior to boarding. This is one of those anticipated meal to begin my travel journey.

Since this being an impromptu trip, there is no specific agenda other than a relaxing, cafe hopping and watching the world goes by kind of itinerary.

This time round, have decided to put up at Ha My 3 Hotel which is within walking distance to the all famous Ben Thanh Market. Cost is affordable at around USD30 per night. A decent size of about 20sqm with a large double bed.

For currency exchange, it is highly recommended to change in HCMC as the rates are much better compared to back home. In HCMC, foreign currency exchange can be made over at any of the jewellery shop you see on the streets.

So far, the shop that offers the best city exchange is none other than Ha Tam which is near the intersection lane at Nguyen An Ninh in Ben Thanh Market area.

Starting the trip by savouring local Vietnamese cuisine lunch at Ngo Saigon Street Cafe at B3 of Vincom Centre.

Cha gio hai san – Fried spring rolls with seafood

Chao tom – Grilled minced prawn on sugar canes

Heo xien que – Grilled pork skewers

Mien ap chao hai san – Glass noodles with seafood

Food quality is authentic and tasty.

Without second guess, next food haunt will be my all time favourite joint, Hai Lua at the night market.

Water morning glory sauteed with garlic

Grilled meat

A die die must eat – Grilled red snapper flavoured with salt & spice

Seafood fried rice with generous chunks of squid and prawn

Enjoying leisure tea break at Trung Nyugen Legend, The No.1 Coffee. This outlet is adjacent to Diamond Plaza.

Love the beautifully decorated interior, looks posh and definitely a great place to catch up with friends or simply enjoying reading a book over a cuppa.

Green Tea Latte with Jelly

Ice Blended Coffee with Caramel

Their most delicious bread on earth – Legend Bread

Banana Crepe with Honey from M’drak Mountain

Snacking at Pho 24 for their traditional beef & chicken bowl soup. You can easily find a Pho 24 outlet near where you are.

Pho Bo

Pho Ga

Cha Gio

More food trail lining up. Osaka Ohsho (王将) on Takashimaya Level 5.

Signature Tonkatsu Itacho Ramen

Signature Grilled Pork Shrimp Gyoza

Fried Chicken Karaage

Dinner at a local Vietnamese cuisine at Bien Duong Nha Hang

Boiled vegetable with special sauce

Clam with lemongrass and ginger soup

Fried squid

Fried spring roll

Cockles with fried garlic (interestingly, this dish is known as Bloody Scallop on the menu 😃)

Seafood fried rice

Munching light dim sum snack at San Fu Lou Cantonese Kitchen, an authentic Cantonese cuisine other than Dim Tu Tac which is featured in my previous blog trip in Apr 2018.

Pork, mushroom & crab roe dumpling

Beancurd skin rolls, prawn & pork

Pan fried pork buns & salted radish

San Fu Lou wok fried vermicelli, BBQ pork, prawn & egg

Enjoying Ashoka Authentic Indian Cuisine

Aloo Gobi Mattar – Potato, cauliflower, green peas tossed with tomato, fresh coriander amd Indian spices

Chicken 65 – Cubes of boneless chicken mixed with yoghurt, egg yolk, Indian herbs, curry leaves then toasted to perfection

Mutton Masala – Tender pieces of boneless mutton cooked with green peas, potato, tomato, green chilli with Indian herbs, spices and garnished with boiled egg

Saffron rice – Flavoured rice with saffron and fresh herbs

Garlic Naan – Indian bread of superfine flour flavoured with garlic

Another not to be missed delicacy (my all time favourite road side stall), this is a supper joint for night owls.

Yellow noodle soup with chicken, pig’s blood and white carrot.

Beer enthusiast, this is your kind of not to be missed place. You have to visit Number Five Bar at 42-44-46 Pasteur Street where you can have beef buffet from 3pm to 7pm daily at ONLY 130,000 VND. 😲😲😲

Sounds steam right??? So value for money that I am here for 2 days in a row…. 😎

Cafe hopping up next.

Relaxing at My Life Coffee, a nice cozy boutique cafe.

Beautifully done interior decor especially the nicely done flower feature wall.

Traditional Vietnamese Coffee brewed and served in a cup

Soursop and peach healthy smoothies

Spotted another new cozy boutique cafe, Belvie Chocolate Shop. Couldn’t resist but to step in for a cuppa to enjoy the ambience and watch the world goes by.

Traditional Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk (before drip)

After drip

Bonus shots of the day view……

Saigon Opera House

Saigon City Hall

One for the road meal at the Airport Orchid Lounge prior to bidding goodbye to this beautiful city.

This is what life should be and I certainly look forward to the day when I can do this as often & as and when I pleases. As for now, I am definitely satisfied with this achievement for the past few days.

Overall, it is a nice bonus trip before my upcoming Taiwan trip next month. 😊😊😊.

Till then. Hope you enjoy this read and stay tuned!

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