Cheapest Coffee in town @ Jalan Benaan Kapal Hawker Centre

This is truly a hidden gem for traditional coffee lovers. With the recent spate of high inflation with all prices increasing as fast as rocket, you may be pleased to know that there is still one such place that sells coffee at only 50 cents a cup! 😲

Yes, you did not hear me wrong, it is 50 cents!!!! Holy mama!!!!

This place is none other than Jalan Benaan Kapal Hawker Centre. It is tucked in an inconspicuous area around stadium walk, a small hawker centre with just one row of about 10 or less stalls. Most of the stalls do not have a stand out signage name. Just plain vanilla of what they are selling that’s all. Very nostalgic the moment you step in and it gives you the feeling being transported back to an old kampong area. 很有人情味.

This is the coffee stall that I am referring to. Located at the corner stall with no visibly stand out signage or stall name. ☺️

Operated by just a one-man old uncle who is passionate about what he has been doing all these years.

Traditional kopi-o at 50 cents
2 soft-boiled eggs at only $1

This is insanely unbelievable. You get to enjoy a cup of nice fragrant coffee at 50 cents and also soaking in to the kampong feel environment. This is by far the cheapest coffee you can find in town other than the free coffee offered by Ikea for Ikea members. 😊

So, feel free to drop by this place if you happen to be around this area to lend your support to this uncle and at the same time experience the joy of stretching your dollar further! 👍👍👍

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