Warm Up Cafe @ 110 Mackenzie Road

Fans who loves authentic Thai cuisine will be pleased to know that Warm Up Cafe is one such place you can go to for your fix on Thai cuisine without missing Bangkok.

Warm Up Cafe specialises in authentic Thai street cuisine, mookata and Thai boat noodle. A new found GEM for me at least!

Outdoor Kitchen

They have both indoor and outdoor seating and I would highly recommend that you try their outdoor seating instead. It really gives you a feel as though you are in Bangkok.

Below are the usual suspects of the Thai street cuisine that typically offered in a Thai restaurant. 😊

Grilled Sweet Pork (Moobing)

This is one of those must eat street item whenever I am in Bangkok. Always good to feel a sense of familiarity savouring this dish. 😋 😋

Thai Fish Cake

Tastily deliciously without surprises. Another not to be missed appetiser.

Pandan Chicken

Definitely one of the better pandan chicken that I have had. Moist, tender and juicy meat.

Thai Boat Noodle (Beef)

One of the signature highlight, Thai Boat Noodle where you can enjoy with the different spice level and you may choose between pork or beef alongside with the various noodle option comprising of bee hoon, kway teow, rice noodle, mee kia, tang hoon or maggie.

Thai Boat Noodle (Small)

For first-timer, you can try going for their rice noodle if you are at a loss on the choice of noodle. Very flavourful broth as expected. You can order a small bowl as taster too if you have difficulty deciding. 😉

Thai Tomyum Soup

Though nice but I feel it’s on a saltier side. Not so value for money given its price-point. You may skip this dish if you like in my opinion. 😐

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Lemakly delicious. Another satisfactory dish and goes extremely well with a plate of Thai white jasmine rice. Deadly concoction for sure.

Thai Red Curry Chicken

You can opt for the red curry version if that is your favourite colour to go with. ☺️

Thai Basil Seafood Mix

Basil-ly good too with mussels, squids and prawns.

Kangkong with Oyster Sauce

This is power too, the gravy goes extremely well with the steaming white rice.

They offer a good selection of Thai Rice and Thai Noodle Sets that leaves you spoilt for choice as well. 🤩

Creamy Crab Omelette Rice

Holy Moly, this is 👍 💩 stuff! Savoury good with each mouthful bite coupled with the specially concocted green chili sauce. Simply loss for words.

Creamy Crab Omelette

You can order as a ala-carte item to go with your plain rice too.

Crab Meat Fried Rice

Looks are deceiving. Holy mama! Another great stuff not to be missed! 😋😋😋

Thai Basil Pork Rice With Egg

This is another great surprise. Somehow it just tasted super delicious and really felt that I was brought back to Bangkok for a moment.

Fried Spicy Mama

Oh mine! Their Thai fried spicy mama noodle is equally power too.

Thai Hor Fun (Pork)

Very flavourfully done with a nice wok hei. Similar but not same as the usual zi char style that we are used to. Authentically Thai-ish.

Red Ruby

Always nice to finish with a good dessert. The red ruby with sliced jackfruit do what it supposed to without surprises. ☺️ Having said that, I feel it would be superb and perfect if shaved ice is served instead of ice cubes.

Thai Coconut Milk Custard

Really good dessert and tastes like eating kaya dessert.

Lemongrass Drink

It’s refreshingly good and served sweetened.

Signature Thai Milk Tea

This is definitely one value for money place that I will drop by anytime whenever I needed a good fix on Thai food in future. Aroy Mak!! 👍👍👍

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