Violet Oon @ Ion Orchard

Violet Oon, another option for Singaporean Peranakan cuisine other than Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant and Tingkat PeraMakan.

However, Violet Oon is definitely a much higher end option compared to the other 2. I must admit that the food quality is of standard, tasty and pretty authentic.

At Violet Oon, they feature a myraid of flavours inspired by Nonya, Chinese, Indian and Malay kitchens as can be seen from their menu offering.

Here in Ion Orchard, you get to enjoy a great array of dishes ranging from soup, starters, salads, mains, noodles & rice and desserts.

Mulligatawny Soup

A cornerstone of British Indian Cuisine. A mild, creamy curry broth with chicken and rice infused with a myriad of spices and topped with deep fried shallot, spring onion & coriander leaves. This is very unusual. It’s worth a try, definitely. You need to experience it as it’s quite hard to verbalise it. 🤨

Ngoh Hiang

Deep fried beancurd spring roll with prawn, crab, chicken and water chestnut seasoned with five spiced powder. The ngoh hiang roll is certainly huge in size compared to the usual plating in restaurant. It can even passed off as a main instead of a starter. 🤣

Kuay Pie Tee

Julienned bamboo shoot and turnip poached in a prawn bisque and served in a deep fried “top hat” cup. Topped with prawn, chilli sauce and a sweet fruit sauce. Another one of their recommended starter dish.

Chicken Satay

Chicken chunks marinated in spices, grilled and served with a spicy peanut sauce topped with grated pineapple, steamed rice cake, cucumber and red onion. I loved their satay with the tender chicken meat. Well marinated.

Turmeric Chicken Wings

Deep fried turmeric and lemongrass chicken wings served with a spicy chinchalok sambal. This is at best so-so nothing great to shout about other than huge sized wings. 😐

Hainanese Pork Chop

A staple of the British Hainanese Kitchen. Deep fried kurobuta pork loin crusted with a cream cracker batter, topped with a house-made tomato reduction. Served with steak cut fries and a side of petit pois tossed with minced kale.

Dry Laksa

Fresh rice noodle tossed in Violet’s laksa gravy, topped with prawns, tau pok and bean sprouts. Tastily good.

Tauhu Goreng

Fried beancurd on a bed of julienned cucumber and beansprouts topped with Violet’s Signature sweet and tangy peanut sauce. The sauce is surprisingly tasty and has the tinge of fermented shrimp paste just like rojak sauce. 👍

Beef Rendang

Tender beef shin braised in a creamy coconut sauce flavoured with a melange of spices, kaffir and bay leaves. This is my favourite dish. The beef is so tender that it simply melts in your mouth.

Buah Keluak Ayam

Classic spicy and tangy chicken stew and buah keluak nut infused with fresh root spices of lengkuas and turmeric. Another power dish with generous nut servings.

Udang Chilli Padi Lemak

Prawns cooked in a spicy creamy coconut gravy infused with lemongrass and kefir lime leaf. This dish is superbly good, especially with the lemak over the rice.

Chap Chye

Classic nonya festive dish of braised mixed vegetables and beancurd skin in a rich prawn bisque. I enjoy the hugely sliced shitake mushroom and the gravy is definitely heavenly.

Sayur Lodeh

Mixed vegetables and tempeh in a fragrant and mildly spicy coconut gravy. For those who like it on a spicy end compared to chap chye. Lemakly delicious.

They do offer a good selection of desserts here, and I am sure will leave you spoilt for choice (at least for me 🤣).

Baileys Chocolate Kopi Pie

Creamy chocolate filling infused with Baileys Irish cream liquor and kopi, topped with crushed cookie crumble. This is chocolatety good. I love the chocolate pie crust.

Gula Melaka Tea Cake with Coconut Ice Cream

Gula melaka tea cake served with coconut ice cream, topped with toasted coconut flakes and gula melaka sauce. The tea cake is served warm, and it is by far the best tea cake that I have had for sure.

Dining in here is without a doubt with style and the service level is certainly tip top. Staff are well trained and service focussed. Needless to say, the price you are paying compared to others is equally tip top. 😲

Well (to me), this is differentiated service experience dining which probably one should try at least once. Tantamount to enjoying the dining service in a business class versus that of economy class (if that helps). 😃😃

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