Sukiya (すき家) @ Suntec City

Sukiya, one of my all time favourite breakfast hangout whenever I am in Japan. For those of you who follow and read on my Japan travel blog will know why. 😉

Sukiya is Japan’s leading Gyudon chain as in the likes of Yoshinoya and you can always find one such chain near you. Sukiya offers quality authentic Japanese food at affordable prices to diners who need to grab a quick comfort food.

So what exactly is Gyudon?

Gyudon is none other than a Japanese dish made with perfectly sliced beef simmered in a sweet and savoury shoyu-based sauce made with their secret recipe. It is served on top of delicious, fluffy and warm Japanese rice.

Believe me, I am extremely excited when Sukiya decided to make a debut to open an outlet here in Suntec City.

There is nothing fanciful about dining here as this is just another kind of fast food outlet equivalent where one pops over for a quick meal often enjoyed for lunch.


Signature dish of Sukiya. Tenderly cooked thin sliced beef simmered in their secret recipe sauce, served with hot and Japanese fluffy rice. Truly authentic as I can feel as though I am having it in Japan.

Unagi Bowl

Grilled fresh eel with sweet sauce served with rice.

Beef Yakiniku Plate

Thick cut beef marinated with sweet and savoury yakiniku sauce and grilled to perfection. Great for carb-free diner. 😉

Chicken Karaage

Bite-sized Japanese style fried chicken. A dish loved by locals of all ages. A must have side to go though the crispiness of the chicken is missing from it.

Half Boiled Egg

Another favourite side of mine, just somehow loved their runny egg and goes well with Gyudon.

I must agree that the entire dining experience was perfect as it gives me the Japan feel (as though I was brought back to Japan at that very moment) when dining here. The familar flavours of the food and cutlery just blended well to the atmosphere. This will certainly be a place that I can go to for my fixed whenever the cravings arises. Yay!

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