Affordable & Good Steak at iSteak Diner

There are times when I have sudden cravings for beef steak. At the same time, I do not want to spend a tidy sum just to satisfy this craving.You can always find one such western food outlet near where you are. Being a fussy eater, I am quite particular when it comes to beef steak dining.

There is this place, iSteak Diner where I really enjoy going for their beef steak. It is really affordable and good. Best part, you can have the beef steak well under $20.

NZ Striploin 250g Cut – the medium rare striploin is nicely & juicily done. You can choose to go with mushroom or black pepper sauce. Every order comes with 2 sides and they offer a wide selection of sides to choose from.

NZ Striploin 350g Cut – this is really power, thick and juicy. Super value for money. Below $30.

NZ OP Rib Steak 1Kg Medium Rare. This is the all awaited communal sharing dish. Meat eaters, this is for you! 😎Non-beef eaters, fret not, you can go for other mains like pork, chicken, lamb or fish.I love their starters too.

Chicken Popcorn – I must say this is one of those champion chicken popcorn that I ever had. The batter is just so tasty with the tender juicy chicken.

Calamari Rings – the crispy batter is one of its kind. Superbly awesome. You need to experience it for yourself.

Gourmet Sausage – 4 different types of sausages (one of them is a spicy sausage) that goes well with the mushroom sauce. A must for sausage lovers.

Pepper Fish Fillet – Well, there is nothing much to shout about it. Just normal grilled fillet with pepper sauce.

Lemon & Dill Dory – savoury sauce and goes well with sauteed brussel

Lemon Pepper Chicken – something unusual, tastes great especially with the slightly charred skin.

Black Pepper Boneless Chicken Thigh – thick, juicy and well charred

Honey Ginger Chicken – pretty unique in its taste too.

Beef Burger with add-on mozarella cheese and sauteed mushroom

Bacon Aglio – love the garlicky smoky bacon taste.

Seafood Aglio Olio – Nothing much to shout about. There are better ones elsewhere.Overall, food quality is there and importantly value for money!

Try it and share your thoughts with me. 😊

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