Tokyo Trip from 16 Feb to 25 Feb 2018

I have been counting down to this Japan trip since 1 Jan 2018. Yes, this is the morning for my flight out to Tokyo (yeah!) while everyone else is preparing for their Chinese Lunar New Year visit. I make it a ritual to visit Japan during Chinese Lunar New Year wherever possible. This has been my 3rd consecutive year doing so and there will be more to come. 😉

It is always exciting and fun to go on a holiday especially to Japan for their food, shopping and sight seeing. This time round, I will be covering Takayama, Nagoya and Mishima.

As usual, I will be flying by Singapore Airlines to Tokyo Haneda Airport for this trip. Basically, I will be recharging at Akahibara for one night, spending 2 nights in Takayama followed by 2 nights in Nagoya, then 2 nights in Numazu before returning back to Tokyo and spending the last 2 nights in Kamata.

Enjoying my morning breakfast at the Silver Kris lounge prior to my boarding.

Let the journey begins …..

Allow me to wish one and all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. May the Year of the Earth Dog brings you and your loved ones abundance of joy, health & wealth. Cheers to all with a champagne toast!

What a great way to celebrate the start of the Lunar Chinese New Year lunch with a high altitude sky dining symbolizing 步步高升.

As expected, it was an uneventful flight and I arrive into Tokyo Haneda Airport at the scheduled local time at 15:35 hrs.

Konnichiwa! Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun. It always feel good to be back in Japan.

Proceeded straight to the Keikyu Airport Express train bound for Shinagawa after bag collection & immigration clearance.

Arrived at JR Akihabara Station after 45 mins of train ride.

Immediately I headed to the JR East ticketing office in Akihabara Station to exchange for the 7 days unlimited JR Pass which I bought in advance from JTB. From my travel itinerary, the 7 days unlimited JR Pass fits my travel schedule perfectly and it is definitely more cost effective than paying for single trip ticket.

After which, I proceeded to make prior seat reservation for my respective rides with the pre-planned train schedule timing in advance.

I stayed at the Akihabara Washington Hotel which is right across the JR station. The location is perfect and right in the heart where the actions are. 👍

Akihabara, also known affectionately as Akiba is the electric town. The area is filled with both major electronics retailers and niche specialty stores selling electronic components for aficionados. You will also find a wide varieties of themed cafes and restaurants in this area. It is really vibrant.

While strolling the streets, spotted this Yakitori eatery and decided to go in and have a quick bite before continuing to explore the surrounding area.

I simply enjoy munching a little at a time on the go and this is what holidaying should be all about.

Next went on to Sushi-Go-Round for a round of sushi. This is the Genki Sushi or the Sakae Sushi alike back home. Food quality and value is definitely more superior here.

Before rounding off the night, caught hold of the Pablo Mini outlet showcasing 2 different limited edition of the cheese tart, namely strawberry daifuku and chocolate marshmallow cheese tart. Needless to say, there is always room for desserts. Bought one flavour each and executed on the spot. Chocopie also comes with these 2 flavours too. 😋

Thereafter, proceeded back to hotel and prepare for tomorrow as I will be heading down to Takayama which is about 5 hours by train.

Well, that pretty much brings Day 1 to an end.

Woke up to a bright, sunny and cold Day 2. This morning, I will be leaving Akihabara for Takayama.

Thanks to GPS, I managed to find my favourite breakfast joint, Doutor Cafe which is about 700m away from the hotel. It is always a must whenever I am in Japan to get my fix on this. Simply loved their German Hotdog and Ham & Cheese sandwich. Not forgetting also to down it with a cup of Coffee Latte. It really brightens up the morning. 😋

Thereafter, enjoy a leisure stroll to experience the morning street of Akihabara before departing.

I will need to take a JR train from Akihabara to Tokyo Station for my scheduled Shinkansen Hikari 507 ride at 09:33 hrs bound for Nagoya. This ride will take about 1 hr 44 mins.

Arrived at Nagoya station at the scheduled time at 11:17 hrs as expected. I will be required to make another train change from Nagoya to Takayama Station at the next scheduled departure at 11:43 hrs via Limited Express Hida 9.

My quickie bento lunch on board train while enroute from Nagoya to Takayama.

Here I am in Takayama after 2.5 hrs journey ride.

Transit from a bright sunny to a cloudy snowy weather in a short time span. There is a saying in Chinese that goes 天有不测风云. How true it is. Look at the snow flakes.

This will be my abode for the next 2 nights. Country Hotel Takayama is conveniently located right opposite the JR Takayama Station. Perfect place to be in.

Takayama (高山) is a mountainous city located in the northern Gifu Prefecture and is commonly known as Hida-Takayama. Importantly, Takayama is known for their Hida Beef.

After checking in, went round recce-ing the surrounding place as per my usual practice and you will find many restaurants offering Hida Beef.

Without hesitation, I walked in to this eatery outlet which is just right next to the hotel and I know I won’t go wrong in the city of Hida Beef. 😁

Hida Beef Soba

Hida beef skewer

Special home made vegetable gohan. What more can I ask for. 😚

Strolling the main streets of Takayama and enjoying the snow falls. The feeling is freezingly great.

Came across this sesame specialty shop which sells all kinds of sesame related food stuff from dipping sauces to cooking spices to condiments to snacks to buns and the list goes on. Tried out their steam sesame mashed potato bun with golden sesame seed, bacon and melting cheese. It was quite unusual and uniquely tasty. Yum yum.

Then came along this shop selling strawberry mochi, kusa-manju and rich tasting fruit cake with more than 10 kinds of fruits soaked in rum.

The streets are quiet after night falls and I headed for another Hida beef meal before calling it a night.

Hida beef bowl with soup

Hida beef nigiri sushi

Hida beef noodle

The Hida beef is so damn power and I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

After a cold, cloudy & snowy afternoon, a good dinner is all it needs to close for the night.

Ohiogozaimasu. Waking up to a white morning on Day 3.

I pre-book online one month in advance via for this morning day tour to visit the 2 UNESCO sites, Gokayama Ainokura & Shirakawago.

I had to make my way to the meeting point at Takayama Nohi Bus Centre to exchange for the bus ticket with the booking confirmation for the tour. The Nohi Bus Centre is right beside the JR Takayama Station which is right across to the hotel I am at.

The Nohi tour bus departed sharply at 08:30 hrs for the first stop to Ainokura Gassho-zukuri Village. The bus journey takes about 80 mins. Ainokura is a protected National Historic Site. At the same time, it is also home to some 60 residents whom are working hard to preserve these cultural properties so that visitors can have a pleasant and memorable time at the village.

In December 1995, 3 villages of gassho-style houses were inscribed on the World Heritage List, Shirakawa-go in Gifu Prefecture and Suganuma and Ainokura in the Gokayama region of Toyama Prefecture.

Ainokura, Suganuma and Shirakawago have 20, 5 and 114 gassho-style houses respectively. Most of them are 100 to 200 years old and the oldest is said to have been built some 400 years ago.

The gassho roof has a slope of about 60 degrees, forming a nearly equilateral triangle. This steep pitch allows snow to slide off the roof easily. The enormous roof is supported by stout, oak beams called “chonabari” which are curved at the base. These beams are made from trees that grow on the mountainsides and develop the curve naturally. No nails are used. The roof frame is lashed together with rope and twisted hazel boughs, called “neso”. The roofs are re-thatched every 15 to 20 years. Architecturally, the gassho style is very rational, having a strong structural design that enables these houses to survive the harsh conditions created by the very deep snow. At the same time, it provides space for living and working.

My anticipated destination is here. Arrived into Ainokura Village after an 80 mins journey ride. I was overwhelmed with the snowy backdrop. Simply lost for words to describe. So magnificiently beautiful.

Exploring the main streets of Ainokura Village. The scenery is just so amazing.

Wish you were here kind of feeling.

Savour local countryside cuisine dishes at Tenshukaku, the only restaurant that offers panoramic views of Shirakawago.

Enjoy the beautiful nostalgic panoramic views of Shirakawago taken from Tenshukaku.

After lunch, proceeded to explore Shirakawago Village before ending the day tour.

Enjoying their local street snack, grilled sticky rice with miso paste

From Shirakawago Village, I need to cross over the suspension bridge to where the Nohi Bus is parked for my trip back to Takayama Bus Centre.

View taken from the suspension bridge.

It was a great day trip with fond memories of Ainokura and Shirakawago Villages. I hope to be back again in a different season for the great picturesque. It’s time now to bid farewell and to head back to Takayama.

Arrived back at Nohi Bus Centre after an hour’s journey.

Chanced upon this small stall along side selling grilled sticky rice flour ball in soy sauce. This is also one of their local favourite snack too.

Thereafter, continue to explore the rest of the area since this being my last night stay in Takayama.

Nakabashi Bridge in Gifu Prefecture is a vermilion bridge that goes across Miyagawa River, a symbol of Takayama. The bridge is also known as a passing point for floats that take part in Takayama Matsuri, one of the three grand festivals of Japan.

One for the road dinner at this restaurant selling Hida beef along the main street.

Hida Beef Chirashi-sushi

Hida Beef & Uni

Hida Beef Skewer

This is another one of those satisfying Hida beef meal and definitely a great way to end another eventful day. Day 3 ended on a high note.

Day 4, a super cold and freezing morning at minus 10 degrees celcius. This morning I will be leaving Takayama for Nagoya.

Did a final round up of Takayama city by visiting the Old Town, Takayama Historic District. The old town has been beautifully preserved with many buildings and whole streets of houses dating from the Edo Period (1600-1868), when the city thrived as a wealthy town of merchants.

As it was still early and most places were closed, I decided to grab a quick breakfast at 7-Eleven on the street of old town.

Concocted my own instant noodle with generous servings of ham with Oden, their version of Yong Tau Foo. The hot soup is perfect for tummy warming on a freezing weather.

Thereafter took a leisure stroll at the Miyagawa morning market, one of the town’s most popular attractions.

It is a daily market held near the river with stalls selling vegetables, fruits, and other local farm products.

I had an enjoyable morning visit and now it is time to bid farewell to Takayama.

Departed Takayama at 09:38 hrs via Limited Express Hida 6 bound for Nagoya. The journey took about 2.5 hours and arrived at 12:02 hrs as scheduled.

As the hotel check in time is 14:00 hrs, I proceeded for lunch at the JR Nagoya Station before checking in.

Lunch was at Kishimen-Tei. Kishimen is a broad and flat noodle, similar to our mee-pok or Italian fettucine, often seen in Nagoya area and has become one of their food specialty.

Certainly I have to pay homage first thing upon arrival in Nagoya as a sign of respect. I ordered their white soup ebi kishimen and the curry soup tori katsu kishimen. The noodles taste simply great even in their different soup bases.

Dessert was at Cuitte, another brand of baked cheese tart just like Hokkaido baked cheese tart. The freshly baked cream cheese was creamily good.

I stayed at the Daiwa Roynet Nagoya Shinkansenguchi which is diagonally opposite the west side entrance of the JR Station.

After checking in, I proceeded to do some sight seeing by visiting the Nagoya TV Tower & nearby Oasis 21.

Nagoya TV Tower is the oldest TV tower in Japan and is located in the centre of Hisaya Odori Park. It stands at 180m high and has 2 observation decks at the heights of 90m for the indoor sky deck & 100m for the outdoor sky deck. Today, Nagoya TV Tower is the premier landmark of Nagoya. It has also recently became known under the nickname of “Thunder Tower” due to the night time illumination.

Look at the beautiful night time illumination.

It happens that they are having the City Light Fantasia during the winter season from 1 Dec 2017 to 25 Feb 2018 and I was fortunate to be able to catch it for this trip.

Isn’t the LED display looks stunning?

Enjoy the live screening of the LED display.

After a spectacular show, I pop over to the Oasis 21, a modern facility located adjacent to Nagoya TV Tower in Sakae, Nagoya. It contains restaurants, stores and a bus terminal.

I was drawn in to this Swiss Bakery, Steiner and had to succumb to temptation with the lovely confectionery spread.

Proceeded back to Nagoya Station in search for more specialty foods.

Tebasaki, their local fried mid joint wings is one such item on my to-eat list and I decided to try it out at one of the Izakaya outlet alongside Nagoya Station food alley.

There are other Nagoya food specialty too. Misokatsu is the other item on the said list too. Since I am here, might as well check it out too. As the saying goes, 宁可杀错也不可放过. It is so apt in this instance.

It has been a long Day 4 and what better way than to end it with a satisfying dinner.

Day 5, this is the day for my visit to the Toyota City for the Toyota Plant Tour.

I made prior reservation for the plant tour 3 months ago scheduled at 10.30am. You may do so by visiting to book for the guided tour & Toyota Kaikan Museum.

As usual, I had my morning fix at my favourite breakfast joint, Doutor Cafe which is right at the JR Nagoya Station before making my way to the Toyota City.

The train journey from Nagoya to Toyota City took me about 80 mins with 2 train change. I will need to take a JR train from Nagoya bound for Okazaki which takes about 35 mins followed by switching over to their local train from Okazaki to Mikawa-Toyota which is another 25 mins followed by on foot for another 20 mins.

Not to worry if you are already feeling confused, fret not, there is a directional route map showing you how to get to the Toyota Kaikan Museum. Just follow the instructions and you will find the place easily. Just cater enough time for your travel journey. Alternatively, you may choose to drive there if you wish.

Arrived at Mikawa-Toyota Station after about an hour of train ride.

The journey to the Toyota City was scenic and not so bustling with activities compared to the main cities.

Here I am, the Toyota Kaikan Museum.

Enjoying the museum exhibits before commencing the plant tour.

The plant tour takes about an hour and you will be ferried by their coach bus to the plant which is about 25 mins away from the Toyota Kaikan Museum. There are a total of 12 plants in Japan. This morning, I will be visiting the Takaoka Plant for the tour. This plant manufactures Harrier, Auris and RAV4.

It is amazing to see their entire process of incoming parts receiving right up to the car assembly on a lean manufacturing process. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed to the plant. Guess you will have to make a visit on your own to experience it.

The tour concluded at 1pm and it is indeed educational and an eye-opener. I had the Mazda Plant Tour last year when I was at Hiroshima and now at Toyota Plant Tour. Hope to have a chance to visit maybe Subaru or Honda in future.

Thereafter, had a quick lunch at one of the eatery outlet near the station.

Tried out the Oyaku-don which happens to be one of their local specialty as well.

After lunch, I spent the entire afternoon at Osu Shopping District & pay a visit to Osu Kannon.

Osu Kannon is a popular Buddhist temple in central Nagoya.

Just beside the temple is the entrance to the Osu Shopping Arcade, a network of aging but charming covered shopping streets with over 400 shops and restaurants from cuisines from all parts of the world.

There is this Komeda’s Coffee outlet which the locals frequent. I read somewhere that they serve Nagoya’s famous Ogura-an (sweet azuki bean paste) for their traditional breakfast.

Needless to say, I will have to follow what the locals experienced.

I must say, the softness of the toasted bread really goes well with the margarine and sweet azuki bean paste. Uniquely different. The Komeda Chicken, juicy and boneless is also damn power too. There are so many items on the menu which I would love to try but due to limited capacity, need to give it a rain check for now. 😩 Hope I will get the opportunity to do so again.

It is time now to head back to the hotel. As there is a Takashimaya supermarket at the basement of the JR Nagoya station, it is always a must if I happen to be there before 8pm which is their closing hour, most of the food items will be given attractive discounts for quick clearance. I love to take advantage of such offers and chose to settle for dinner at the supermarket.

The food freshness is guaranteed at the fraction of the price compared to having it at a restaurant. It was really fun and I enjoy doing so.

A simple meal brings Day 5 to an end.

Day 6, time to leave Nagoya for Numazu. The original plan was to stay in Mishima but I could not get a hotel near Mishima Station so ended up staying over at Numazu instead. Anyway, Numazu is just one station away from Mishima.

While enjoying my leisure stroll near the hotel, I chanced upon Komeda’s Coffee joint. There is no prize for guessing, yes, immediately I dashed in to have my breakfast without second thought.

Ordered their egg buns, a long-time Komeda’s favourite, stuffed with their homemade egg paste and their mini-croquette set. The mashed potato is so good that you will even want another helping.

With a satisfied breakfast, it is time to check out from the hotel to catch the Shinkansen Hikari 462 at 10:35 hrs bound for Mishima followed by a transfer of JR train to JR Numazu Station.

While at the JR Nagoya Station, I saw one of the eatery outlet starring real hard at me. It is the Tenmusu, a mini-rice ball with tempura wrapped in it usually with shrimp fritters. Tenmusu is a little smaller than a regular rice ball and the tip of the shrimp fritter can be seen sticking out from the rice ball. What to do, being soft hearted, I went in to satisfy my curiosity. Since I am in there, thought it would make more sense to complete it with their classic style flat noodle, Kishimen for the road as it might be quite some time before I am back to Nagoya.

Arrived into Mishima Station at the scheduled time at 11:55 hrs for my train transfer to Numazu Station at 12:02 hrs.

Numazu Station is just one stop away from Mishima Station and the ride took about 4 mins.

As it was not due for hotel check in, I wondered round the vicinity for familiarisation.

Managed to catch hold of mini-one confectionery and bought some croissants as it was much cheaper compared to having it back home.

I stayed at the same Daiwa Roynet chain at Numazu and location is adjacent to the north exit of the JR station, right behind Bivi Shopping Centre.

After check in, I went over to explore around Mishima area. Mishima and Numazu are known for their fresh seafood.

Without hesitation, I popped in to one of the sushi restaurant at the JR Mishima station for my late lunch.

Oh mine, the seafood are really fresh. Guess this is one of the better assortment fish tempura and sushi that I ever had. Oishi desu!👍👍👍

After the tour of duty in Mishima, headed back to Numazu for the rest of the evening.

Had my dinner at one of the restaurant in one of the shopping mall next to the south exit of the JR Station. The tempura and zaru soba is so power.

Interestingly, you will need to pay to use the sky passage linking the north & south exit through the station. Luckily for me, with the JR unlimited pass, I am able to breeze through both exits without additional cost. The feeling is like crossing customs and the pass acts like a passport for clearance. 😄

That wraps up Day 6 for me.

Day 7, a day of sight seeing for me. I will be renting a car from Nissan-Rent-A-Car for a day to do sight seeing.

Recharging myself at my all time favourite breakfast joint, Doutor Cafe which is right outside the South exit gantry of the station.

The tuna sandwich and the prawn calzone are just so good. Not forgetting their Matcha Latte as well. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy Doutor Cafe in Japan.

Right after breakfast, I walked across to Nissan-Rent-A-Car shop to pick up the rental car for the day trip.

I was given a Nissan March for today.

First stop will be to Mishima Skywalk. It is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

Mishima Skywalk bridge is 400m long and it offers great views of the Izu mountains in addition to Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Unfortunately, due to the shy nature of Mount Fuji, I am not able to catch a clear view of it.

However, I did manage to catch a glimpse of it when I was halfway at the bridge. Can you see it?

Enjoying the panoramic views from various angles from the Mishima Skywalk bridge.

More beautiful scenery at the other end of the bridge.

Had a great time and fun exploring Mishima Skywalk.

The second attraction stop will be at Lake Ashi.

Lake Ashi also referred to as Hakone Lake or Ashinoko Lake is a scenic lake in the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Honshū. The lake is known for its views of Mount Fuji other than hot springs, historical sites and ryokan.

The Hakone Komagatake Ropeway is right beside Lake Ashi. It is not to be confused with the Hakone Ropeway as it leads from the shore of Lake Ashinoko to near the Komagatake peak of Mount Hakone. When visibility is good, panoramic views of Lake Ashinoko and Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the ropeway’s upper station. As today’s weather is cloudy and foggy, I decided to give the ropeway a miss for this time round.

From here, I proceeded to the next attraction place, Hakone Ropeway.

The Hakone Ropeway links between Sounzan and Togendai via Owakudani & makes a part of the sightseeing route between Odawara and Lake Ashi.

Enjoying the views at Owakudani. Likewise the weather was still not in my favour and I had to give the ropeway another miss for the 2nd time. Well, there is always a next time. Anyway, I have already had my many fair share of ropeway rides.

As it was near lunch time, I settled my lunch at the local kiosk.

Tried on their Owakudani’s famous Kuro tamago (Black Egg) & Black Ramen. Seems like everyone who comes here will surely go for these 2 unique items.

Also had a good time snacking on their Butakuro (Black Pork Bun) and Agedango (Deep fried mochi skewer).

Immediately after lunch, I headed for the 4th destination, Shiraito Falls.

Shiraito Falls are located in the southwestern foothills of Mount Fuji and has been ranked amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan.

Scenic panoramic view of the Shiraito Falls.

Thereafter, visited the final attraction at Lake Tanuki, a lake near Mount Fuji. It is located in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture and is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Best part of it, it was snowing when I was at Lake Tanuki. The scene was perfect and romantically beautiful. I am sure this can definitely make up for the clear view of Mount Fuji. 😄

It has been an eventful day with a full day of sight seeing. It is now time for me to head back for the car return.

While on the way back, spotted a Saizeriya along the journey and swing in for a quick munch. They do have a branch back home but somehow, the food quality tastes better here.

It was a tiring day and decided to have a simple dinner and what better way to do than to pick up bargains from the supermarket.

Had a cheap & good meal of the tuna sashimi, sushi, croquettes and daifuku. With that, it brings Day 7 to an end.

Day 8, time to depart Numazu for Tokyo. I will be spending the last 2 nights in Tokyo at Kamata before heading home.

I had pre-booked my Shinkansen ride via Hikari 510 at 09:56 hrs from Mishima bound for Shinagawa.

As usual, had my morning fix at Doutor Cafe before catching the train to Kamata.

Tried out the curry naan hot dog 🌭 and calzone cheese & bacon. Not forgetting to top it up with a coffee latte.

Proceeded to check out of the hotel thereafter and headed for Mishima Station for my scheduled ride.

The Shinkansen departed right on the dot at the scheduled time.

I had to have a change of train at Shinagawa for Kamata Station. The ride took another 10 mins.

I stayed at the Grand Park Hotel Panex at Kamata and it is within 150m from the east gate of the JR Kamata Station.

I left my luggage with the hotel concierge and went off to Ueno Station to have my lunch at Takeru. Their beef steak is damn champion.

Make it a point to check it out if you happen to be in Ueno the next time round.

Took a leisure stroll at Ameyayokocho shopping street after a satisfying meal before heading off to Asakusa.

On the way to the station, was drawn in to this bakery stall selling Animal Themed Breads. I was simply fascinated and had to go for their No 1 ranking bread box filled with custard and chocolate. It is so nice and tasty.

Enjoying Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street and local snacking.

Caught a glimpse of Tokyo Skytree as well from afar.

Next, adjourned over to Shibuya to experience for myself the renowned Shibuya Crossing.

Shibuya Crossing is rumoured to be the busiest intersection in the world, definitely more so in Japan. It is like a giant beating heart sending people in all directions with every pulsing light change. You will see many people stopping in the middle of the junction for photo taking. It is indeed an experience for me. I strongly urged you to try it out the next time in Tokyo if you have not already done so. Once in a life time experience.

With the help of Google GPS, I managed to locate Luke’s Lobster in Shibuya. It took me 16 mins of search. I had it once when I was in Osaka. The lobster is really tasty and definitely worth the search.

As it was getting late, I went back to Kamata for my hotel check in before recce-ing the vicinity for my dinner.

Had a great gyoza as a warm up before ending up with a great beef cutlet dinner.

This pretty much wraps up Day 8 for me.

Day 9, a day of relaxation being the last full day in Tokyo.

This morning, I had the luxury of waking up by my natural alarm clock.

Went for my deserving breakfast at Doutor Cafe which is conveniently located beside the JR Station. Ordered their new menu item, Sukiyaki roll together with their Ham & Cheese sandwich. I just loved their soft sandwich texture. Perfectly done.

I will be exploring around Kamata area this morning and looking out for more great foods.

Don Quijote is their 24 hour convenience stall in Japan. Coincidentally, they had just opened one such stall at Orchard Gateway late last year. So you may experience it here back at home too.

Amazed with the varieties of the Bagels & Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) that they offer. Looks extremely tempting.

My favourite dango, Japanese dumpling sweet made from mochi.

Lunch is at Tempura Tendon Tenya Asakusa Tokyo. They have a branch in Kamata too. They serve really cheap & good tempura tendon. Highly recommended to try when in Tokyo. 👍💪

There are many ramen shops on the streets and I happen to find one that sells oil ramen (soupless ramen). I ever had it once when I was in Shinjuku area last year. So, decided to step into the shop for old time sake.

Enjoying my afternoon tea break at Choco Cro on Kamata Sunrise shopping street.

The green tea latte and the bitter chocolate croissant was superbly tasty.

With a good recharge, continue my last minute shopping at Daiso & 100 Yen Shop.

Dinner was at the Izakaya eatery outlet right opposite the hotel. With the whole day of snacking and munching, settling on a light dinner seems to be the wise choice.

After dinner, spent the rest of the night packing the luggage and prepare for home coming tomorrow.

Day 9 just breezed through before I knew it.

Day 10, time to head back for home. As my flight was at 16:40 hrs, I still have half of the morning to pick up last minute stuff if need be.

Enjoying local breakfast at the soba & udon eatery outlet at the JR Station.

The simplicity of their fish cake udon and inari sushi is tastily amazingly delicious. Oishi desu!

There was this sushi chain, katsu 活 which is well known for the cheap & good ¥100 a plate sushi. A place for the locals. Long queues are already forming early in the morning before the restaurant opening hours. I thought such scenes only happen in our country. It also happens here too.

Needless to say, I went in for the fun too. So went in for lunch before leaving for the airport.

There was a bus stop right in front of the JR Station going to Haneda International Airport. Originally, I was scheduled to go to the airport via train. I had to make 1 train transfer and time taken about 40 mins at a cost of ¥710. Compared to a bus ride which takes about 30 mins at a cost of a ¥280. It is definitely a no brainer to make the decision to travel via bus.

One for the road meal before departing Haneda Airport.

Time always flies when you are having fun. Well, I must say, it has been a good trip the last 10 days with fond memories of Tokyo. Next up, I will start counting down & looking forward to my upcoming Eastern Sapporo trip in end May 2018. See you soon.

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